World Refugee Day

FCJ Refugee Centre is celebrating the strength, courage, and determination of refugees around the world. Every year, World Refugee Day marks a key moment for raise awareness and show support for refugees.

JUNE 20: World Refugee Day “Refugees Belong” Walk

We Are Proud To Announce The June 20, 2018, “Refugees Belong” Walk, In Commemoration Of World Refugee Day.

The event is being co-organized by: Neighbourhood Legal Services, Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture, Sojourn House, Regent Park Community Health Centre, Central Neighbourhood House, FCJ Refugee Centre, COSTI, and the Oasis Centre des Femmes.

The “Refugees Belong” Walk will commence at the Yonge and Dundas intersection at 9:30 am (in front of the Refugee Law Office at 20 Dundas Street West) and will end with lunch and performances from 12-2 pm in Regent Park.

The “Refugees Belong” walk is an opportunity to reflect not only on the obligations of governments under the Refugee Convention to provide safe haven to persecuted people (and on Canada’s own track record in the Trump era), but also to dispel the myths that persist about refugees as a burden on the Canadian public.


At a time when refugee claimants in Canada continue to endure egregiously long waits to have their refugee claims determined at the Immigration and Refugee Board, and continue to face prolonged separation from their families, refugees and claimants must also contend with stereotypes – that refugees just want to take advantage of Canada’s social programmes, for example; refugees take jobs from Canadians; refugees are ‘illegal’.

The World Refugee Day “Refugees Belong” walk aims to encourage Canadians to choose facts over fears! Stops this year will be at local community organisations, so that participants get insight into the work being done on the ground to support refugees. At each stop, community members who arrived here as refugees and are now successful teachers, business owners, service providers, will map their journeys to belonging in Canada, as well as some of the challenges faced along the way. Speakers will also include community workers and lawyers.

Join us and show your support!




Spoken Word: Same Difference

Stereotypes, prejudices and all the negative labels that newcomer youth are painted with steered us in making this spoken word video. It came as an idea to some of the youth from FCJ Refugee Centre Youth Network who attended an anti-islamophobia workshop together with the strong voices from OCASI and the CCR Youth Network. We wanted to change the approach or the way youth of precarious migration status are treated once they seek assistance from service providers. By FCJ Refugee Centre Youth Network


Nearly 1,800 immigrant families separated at U.S.-Mexico border in 17 months

Nearly 1,800 immigrant families were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border from October 2016 through February of this year, according to a senior government official, as U.S. President Donald Trump implemented stricter border enforcement policies.

The numbers are the first comprehensive disclosure by the administration of how many families have been affected by the policies. Previously, the only numbers provided by federal officials on family separations covered a single two-week period in May.

The government official, who agreed to speak only on condition of anonymity, said he could not provide up-to-date statistics, but acknowledged the number of separations had risen sharply in recent weeks, largely because of new administration policies.

In May, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a “zero tolerance” policy in which all those apprehended entering the U.S. illegally would be criminally charged, which generally leads to children being separated from their parents



We had an excellent participation at the forum and we are looking forward for the next one.


  1. Provide participants with in-depth knowledge on innovative approaches to address the wide spectrum of experiences in situations of exploitation/human trafficking.
  2. Discuss remedies available outside the criminal justice system for survivors of exploitation.
  3. Explore promising community outreach initiatives targeting at-risk or exploited persons
  4. Provide opportunity for networking and information exchange




Canadians see welcoming refugees as our top international contribution, survey finds

Canada can be a role model for the world when it comes to global migration say survey respondents – but advocates question if that’s enough.

Canadians increasingly believe multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion are their country’s most notable contribution to the world — a shift away from peacekeeping and foreign aid, according to a survey of over 1,500 Canadians released today.

The 2018 Canada’s World Survey, conducted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research, is an update to a survey they first conducted in 2008. It measures how Canadian attitudes have shifted and looks at issues that have emerged over the past decade.

Despite major world events — from the global recession, terrorist attacks, increasing tensions with North Korea and growing frustration with Western governments — Canadians’ opinions have remained mostly consistent.

A majority of Canadians continue to see Canada as an international role model with 86 per cent of respondents saying the country can have a positive impact on world affairs — both in 2008 and in 2018.

Global migration and accepting refugees is the top global issue where Canadians believe the country can make a difference. Thirty-eight per cent of those surveyed say Canada can make a big difference, 44 per cent say the country can make some difference while 16 per cent said we could make little or no difference.

At the same time, 25 per cent of respondents think the most important contribution the country can make to the world is accepting immigrants and multiculturalism, a shift from ten years ago when peacekeeping topped the list.

Spring cleaning: Recycle and help others

SPRING IS HERE!! If you want to help others, this is the perfect time to do it!!

We are organising the FCJ Refugee Centre ANNUAL GARAGE SALE!!!!!
Start your spring cleaning! Clean your garage!
Donate to the FCJ Refugee Centre sidewalk sale!!!!

We will take gently used households items, shoes, kitchen items, toys, self-care items, stationery items, jewelry, arts and crafts stuff, sheets, blankets, tools, bits and pieces from your craft making tool collection…!

The garage sale is scheduled for mid to late June at the FCJ Refugee Centre.

For donations please contact us at   or call us 416-469- 9754



The MIGRANT PROTECTION CLINICS increase access to justice and service delivery for precarious populations, as they will be able to receive a broader range of services and supports from local and familiar organizations.

Identify the date you would like to schedule the IMMIGRATION PROTECTION CLINIC.
To schedule a date contact Carolina Teves at:
After booking your IMMIGRATION PROTECTION CLINIC you are able to promote your clinic and book appointments for your clients.
Staff from FCJ Refugee Centre go to the agency who is organizing the Migrant Protection Clinic. During the visit FCJ Refugee Centre staff will provide orientation and immigration support to clients attending the clinic.
Also we can combine a training or presentation and the clinic the same day of the visit.

Check the flyer:






The Migrant Protection Clinic Program is made possible by the generosity of 

Precarious status youth pursuing university degrees on 2018

FCJ Refugee centre, in partnership with York University, started the Access to Education program, which created two pathways for precarious status youth to pursue university degrees. As a result,the first group of students was accepted. Metro Morning shared one of the touching stories of the Canadian ‘dreamers’ finding home at York University
Access to Education is the first program of its kind in Canada that allow precarious status students to pursue university degrees while paying domestic fees. Over the course of nine months we created a bridging program to support youth who have been out of school for a little while to transition to university. The program, which consists of a unique and innovative course titled: Critical Approaches to Migration and Uprootedness, is housed in the sociology department. Upon successful completion of the course, students were able to apply directly to undergraduate programs at York. The other pathway involves direct admissions to York University for recent high school graduates. We have been working on the administrative changes needed, which include everything from how to enrol students, create a safe campus environment, provide specialized student supports, etc. The first bridging course was launched exactly one year ago. Ten students have been accepted by York University after the implementation of the Access to Education Program

Giving time at Ikea

Holiday season is here and it is giving time

Toronto, Canada, December, 2017 –   As part of the Holiday Season, FCJ Refugee Center has started to sell Christmas trees at Ikea north York location

FCJ Refugee Center is making a call to everyone on this season   to reflect generosity by the work the centre does in making the society a better place for vulnerable populations.

On this giving season, FCJ Refugee Centre calls on everyone to consider making a gift to show your support to refugees and other precarious migrants.

You can support us buying a CHRISTMAS TREE AT IKEA NORTH YORK .Every time that you buy a CHISTMAS TREE at this location, you will be supporting refugees and other vulnerable populations

ADDRESS: 15 Provost Dr, Toronto, ON M2K 2X9

Those who are interested in support FCJ Refugee Centre visit our website and follow us on Facebook, and Twitter.

Take a look at the video after our Christmas tree season last year:

About FCJ Refugee Center

FCJ Refugee Centre serves refugees and others at risk due to their immigration status, and welcomes anyone asking for advice, counsel and support regarding their refugee or immigration claim process. We address systemic issues that newly arrived refugee claimants face in Canada including lack of resources, marginalization, and discrimination.

FCJ Refugee Centre shares the voice of uprooted people on Giving Tuesday 2017

Global Day of Giving Takes Place this Year on November 28th

As part of the 26th anniversary, FCJ Refugee Center has started the first phase of its online campaign to join the Global Day of Giving. GivingTuesday is a movement that has been driven by individuals, charities, businesses and communities across Canada and in countries around the world. Just as Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season, GivingTuesday is the opening day of the giving season.

FCJ Refugee Center joined the campaign to reflect generosity by the work it does in making the society a better place for vulnerable populations.

On occasion of the FCJ Refugee Centre’s anniversary, each day leading up to Giving Tuesday on November 28, 2017, the Centre is highlighting the 26 values that underlie the work they do.   These values, including advocacy & resiliency, diversity & intersectionality, LGBTQ+ and youth engagement, guide followed by the FCJ Refugee Centre’s efforts to  provide holistic services and programs that strive to meet the vast needs of Toronto’s precarious population.

On this giving season, FCJ Refugee Centre calls on everyone to consider making a gift to show your support  of these values and FCJ’s work. Those who are interested in joining FCJ Refugee Center’s GivingTuesday initiative can visit our website and follow us on Facebook, and Twitter.

About FCJ Refugee Center

FCJ Refugee Centre serves refugees and others at risk due to their immigration status, and welcomes anyone asking for advice, counsel and support regarding their refugee or immigration claim process. We address systemic issues that newly arrived refugee claimants face in Canada including lack of resources, marginalization, and discrimination.

About GivingTuesday (#GivingTuesdayCA)

GivingTuesday is a movement to celebrate giving of all kinds, celebrated on the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this year it falls on November 28, 2017.

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