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READY TOUR: Refugee Hearing Preparation

READY TOUR provides Refugee Claimants with a FREE opportunity to be better prepared for their hearing, see a hearing room, learn what happens at the hearing, and ask questions about the process


If you want to register for the Ready Tour, please  answer the following questions and send it to Carolina Teves  at


Considering recent developments related to COVID-19, please be advised that Ready Tours scheduled between March 17th and April 3rd are cancelled. Keep in consideration that effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020, all in-person hearings and mediations were postponed until further notice. Please contact us after the first week of April for details on the upcoming Refugee Hearing Tours scheduled in April.

More information about hearing postponed refugee hearings  click here:

For additional information contact Carolina directly at the following email address at

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The following guidelines provide steps that can be taken by refugee houses/NGO staff to assist refugee claimants in preparing for and representing themselves at the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board when legal representation cannot be secured due to recent legal aid funding cuts.

























Refugee Hearing Preparation Resources

Refugee Hearing Guide:

This resource is designed to help refugee claimants further understand the refugee determination system and increase their capacity to engage it meaningfully in preparation for their refugee hearings. The Refugee Hearing Preparation is a guide for Refugee Claimants (RHP Guide), it is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu and Farsi

Simulated Hearing

Simulated Hearing is a free program that allows refugee claimants to participate in a simulated hearing. At the end of the simulated hearing, the refugee claimant receives objective feedback on areas such as clarity in answering questions, mannerisms, tone of voice, and respect to the adjudicator

For more details contact:

  • Phone: 416-203-7396 / Fax: 416-203-6771
  • E-mail:


Refugee Appeal Preparation



The following guidelines provide steps that can be taken by refugee houses/NGO staff to assist refugee claimants in submitting an appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division at the Immigration and Refugee Board when legal representation cannot be secured due to recent legal aid funding cuts.

(RAD information sessions)

RAD information sessions will provide the Appellant with a FREE opportunity to be better prepared for the presentation of their appeal before the RAD. Rejected refugees will learn the steps to follow and how to document their appeal before the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD). RAD info-sessions are hosted by the Coalition of Service Providers for Refugee Claimants in Southern Ontario in partnership with the Refugee Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

RAD info sessions are supported by The Law Foundation of Ontario.


Registration Form

Please note that this service is provided in Toronto,ON Canada

REGISTRATION: To register for the next RAD, please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM below and when you finish, submit it to Carolina Teves:

We will contact you to confirm your registration. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Carolina Teves.registrationPrograms supported by the law Foundation of Ontario 


Seeds of Hope

SEEDS OF HOPE: Stories written by FCJ Youth and ALLIES

Creating a future in the shadows: A window onto experiences that are so rarely shared, highlighting voices that are too often silenced

GET YOUR BOOK FOR ONLY $20.OO  + $6.50 shipping

If you want to receive it by mail (the shipping amount might vary if you order more than one book)

The proceeds will go towards scholarships for youth.

How to pay:

  • At the FCJ Refugee Centre location: 208 Oakwood Ave. Toronto, ON M6E 2V4
  • By Mail: Send your cheque payable to FCJ Refugee Centre (Please include the shipping in the total).
  • Online Payment (PayPal):



From Youth to You

This toolkit was born out of a growing need for youth, and particularly newcomer and precarious migrant youth, to feel more valued and included in various services that they access in the City of Toronto.

Youth are often met with challenges when attempting to access services and participate in programs in different areas such as: settlement, education, legal, employment, recreation, and the arts, to name a few… Most noticeably, many newcomer and precarious migrant youth are met with a general lack of awareness of their plight, and a lack of sensitivity to how immigration status (or lack thereof) intersects with other present and urgent needs.

Using our own experiences over the last few years as a jumping off point, we have reached out to other newcomer youth and newcomer youth serving organizations to put together a robust toolkit about newcomer youth engagement. The objectives of this toolkit are to promote promising practices and help ensure that newcomer youth are given equitable opportunities to fully participate in Canadian society, and steer their own course through their immigration and settlement processes.

We would like to acknowledge that really understanding youth engagement is a journey, and that we have a lot to learn about this idea – and particularly how it is shaped in the current landscape of newcomer youth services in Canada. As such, we acknowledge that we are by no means experts on this topic, but feel we are well situated to get the discussion going after participating in a youth-led, youth-decided group for the past few years. We would like to think of this toolkit as an organic document, and we welcome your input and ideas.



Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria: A Double Edged Sword

Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria: A Double Edged Sword is a report prepared by FCJ Refugee Centre after a delegation from Canadian Council for Refugees visit Bulgaria in June 2014.

This visit had variety of goals including better understand the complex situation of Syrian asylum-seekers and refugees in Bulgaria.

This understanding was facilitated by interviews with key stakeholders including state agencies, NGOs, Syrian refugees, as well as visits to immigration reception centers in Bulgaria.

A short video was also produced to reproduce parts of the conducted interviews and comments gathered during the visit.

To read the complete report click  here: Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria: A Double Edged Sword Report

This short documentary developed by FCJ Refugee Centre shows interview excerpts from our meetings with Bulgarian organizations as well as residents of the immigration reception centre in Sofia.

This documentary is complementary to the document Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria: A Double Edged Sword, a report of the FCJ Refugee Centre from the visit to Bulgaria in June 2014.

Borderless Voices

Borderless Voices is an open space for anyone who wants to share their story and experiences in Canada. Through this new space, FCJ Refugee Centre is featuring stories of refugees and other voiceless communities.

The first segment of this new section is focused on our 25 Anniversary and we are broadcasting short videos of successful stories and experiences from our former residents, clients, volunteers, friends and staff.