“The tour was very revealing and informative”

Thank you to the Ready Tour participants  for  taking   the time to share your experience at the Ready Tour:


Ready Tour was a beautiful and informative experience that I will forever pass down to any refugee coming into Canada.

I heard about it for the first time from my Counselor at the Shelter at a point of exit when I secured an apartment. I decided to give it a shot. I sent a mail requesting for ‘Ready Tour’ to FCJ and I was scheduled for the tour. I got there only to find out that I wasn’t the only one that got the appointment.

The tour was very revealing and informative. It is designed to help refugees with their coming up hearing, to build up a little confidence in them and to reduce the rate of ‘Appeal’ after the hearing.

The Tour like I said was revealing because it revealed that the hearing for the claimants is not a criminal case and it’s just going to be the claimant, the Judge and the claimant’s lawyer.

Well organized and there was room for all to ask questions and interpreters were also available to those that needed it. At the end of the session, I had a sense of what my hearing day is going to look like, who to expect on that day and how to prepare myself.

My Hearing went well and coincidentally, I had mine at the same room where the tour was actually conducted but the truth is I never had scold feet all through the Hearing and this I believe was because of the Readiness I had with FCJ (Ready Tour).

I must confess the team at FCJ are really fantastic. So grateful that I met them and I encouraged immigrants to seek to know the ‘How to’ once they arrive into Canada and FCJ is one of the places to visit for knowledge.

Thanks all!

You are welcome to attend the Ready Tour. For more information and registration please click  here:


The Ready Tour is a free program for refugee claimants  that allow them to visit an actual hearing room and learn about how to be ready for their refugee hearing.



Ontario’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day – February 22nd 2019

Press Release

Ontario’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day – February 22nd 2019

A Human Rights Based Approach to End Human Trafficking – Conversation and Press Conference

Organized by the Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network (TCHTN)

10 AM to 12 PM

At The Mary Ward Centre: 70 St. Mary Street, Toronto, ON, M5S 1J3

Multiple forms of domestic and international human trafficking exist in Ontario, including sex and labour trafficking.  While anyone can be affected by human trafficking, poverty, gender inequality and hyper sexualisation of women and girls, racism, colonialism and precarious immigration status are root causes. These and other factors, create greater vulnerability to human trafficking across Ontario

To read the complete Press Release click here : http://www.fcjrefugeecentre.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Press-Release-Human-Trafficking-Awareness-Day-Feb22-2019.pdf

Please RSVP here: https://humantraffickingawarenessday.eventbrite.ca/

If you have questions please contact:
Luis Mata, Anti-Human Trafficking coordinator at FCJ Refugee Centre


416-4699754 ext. 242


Get involved with the CCR Newcomer Youth Civic Engagement Project

The FCJ Refugee Centre Youth Network would like to invite your Youth Group to collaborate and participate at the CCR Newcomer Youth Civic Engagement Project.

The aim of the project is to activate local CCR Youth Network Branches where newcomer youth, (not born in Canada) between 16 and 25 years old,  develop their leadership skills and  motivate other newcomer youth to get involved and together strategize around issues that newcomer youth are facing. Branches also facilitate youth engagement with organizations that serve newcomer youth in order to make their services more engaging and relevant to newcomer youth.

There will be three meetings the first meeting on February 16 th from 12:00 to 6:00 pm at 1558 Bloor St W, will be a consultation with youth on the Ideal Journey to Canada. This session will consult youth on what is their vision for the experience of newcomer youth who arrive in Canada and their vision for Youth Engagement.

On February 26 th at 1:00 pm, 208 Oakwood Avenue will organize a meeting with organizations that serve newcomer youth, youth will present their findings. Together youth and organizations will discuss actions they can take to support youth engagement and improve the journey to Canada for newcomer youth, and after that we will share all the finding. It will be an excellent asset if your Organization and especial the Youth group can participate with us.

For more information contact:

Sara Hummad
Youth Worker

416 469 9754 ext 228


Helping your clients with their refugee appeal process

The RAD information sessions  will provide front line workers and  refugee appellants  a FREE opportunity to be better prepared for the presentation of their appeal before the RAD.

Workers and  Rejected refugees will learn the steps to follow and how to document your appeal before the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD).

Analysts from Refugee Appeal Division, RAD, will talk about submissions of  documents, what happen after the refugee hearing, when the RPD process finish, when the RAD process begins and deadlines.

Next session March 1st, 2019 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Confirm your interest in attending the next session with  Carolina Teves  cteves@fcjrefugeecentre.org


Calendar from January to April 2019

READY TOUR is a free program for refugee claimants waiting for their refugee hearing.
Sign UP and visit a refugee hearing room.
If you are a refugee claimant, this is a unique opportunity to be better prepared for your hearing, see an actual refugee hearing room.
For many refugee claimants the time before their hearing is stressful.  The refugee hearing caused them additional stress and anxiety.
Benefits of the Ready Tour

  • Learn what  will happen at the refugee hearing
  • Levels of anxiety  will  decrease
  • Empower participants to be well prepare for their  refugee hearing
  • Learn who can participate at your hearing
  • What to do if you did not attend your hearing, or it was canceled
  • What will happen when the hearing finish


If you want to register for the Ready Tour, please  answer the following questions and send it to Carolina Teves cteves@fcjrefugeecentre.org

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. E mail:
  4. Telephone number:
  5. Country of origin:
  6. Date of claim:(Month/Year)
  7. Hearing date:(Month/Day/Year)
  8. Do you have a legal representative?
  9. Who referred you to the Ready Tour, how did you learn about it?
  10. What do you want to learn during the Ready Tour?

Ready Tours are scheduled FROM 9:30 AM TO 11:30 AM as follow:







Human rights and Canada’s leadership are as vital today as 70 years ago

Today, on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) underlines its message that everyone is deserving of basic rights and human dignity, not because of their citizenship or their immigration status, but because they are human beings.

For refugees fleeing persecution, Article 14 of the Declaration is key: “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” This fundamental right is now part of international and Canadian law. On this basis, anyone who makes a refugee claim at the border or within Canada must be given a chance to explain why they need our protection.

Despite the promise of the Declaration, refugees and migrants still have their rights abused and face exploitation and situations of human trafficking around the world. Migrants are often subject to xenophobia and targeted by divisive politicians.

Canadians can be proud that Canada is showing leadership in bringing countries together to improve respect for the rights of all migrants with the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. While the Compact is not legally binding, it offers a pathway of cooperation between countries that will reduce the pressures forcing people to leave their home countries. When people do migrate, this new framework will increase respect for individual rights and allow receiving communities, including in Canada, to benefit more fully from migrants’ contributions.

As a world leader in championing human rights, Canada must strive to do better and respect the rights of refugees and migrants. This means that Canada should:




Comprehensive Care Clinic in Central America for deportees

Thank you to Dr Jizi  Moza, Director of the Clinic: Clinica Integral de Atención a Retornados, for sharing his experience working with returnees to El Salvador.

The presentation was very informative, It was great to learn about the impact of deportation on immigrants and how a Comprehensive Care Clinic has been set up in Central America to help them.

Every year, more than 13,000 people are deported from the United States to El Salvador. Dr Jizi  Moza explained that many of them do not have access to basic services like health. People who was living for decades are deported to a country they have not seen in years.




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