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The FCJ Youth Network is an incredibly diverse group of newcomer youth that has welcomed over 80 members in the past year. The group meets on a weekly basis and shapes a space to share experiences, support one another, and mobilize their knowledge to overcome the challenges that they face. The FCJ Youth Network not only offers opportunities for volunteering and skill development, but the group plans a lot of social activities together, including: going to movies, camping, sports activities and exploring the city. The group is open for newcomer youth between the ages of 14 and 24 (and allies), and we meet every Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30 at FCJ. For more information please contact Tanya ( or  Dennis (

The FCJ Youth Network works on many levels to help newcomer youth integrate into Canadian society. The initiative holds weekly drop-in sessions on Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:30 where youth will be provided a venue to voice their concerns and collectively develop strategies to work through any issues. The drop-ins offer an excellent opportunity for newcomer youth to become better acquainted with the city of Toronto as we also facilitate field trips, walking tours and recreational activities. Concurrently, youth will be provided an opportunity to consult field professionals on immigration and refugee matters. In addition to the weekly drop-ins youth involved in the program will be able to participate in a work placement. This program will help them work toward their individual professional goals while gaining Canadian experience in a dynamic, multi-cultural setting. The Centre offers experience in different areas. Youth participating in this program will need to commit to four hours a week for a minimum of three months. Successful candidates will not only receive diverse experience, but professional references that will increase their employability and propel them to their career goals. The program is open to anyone who needs help navigating the various Canadian systems, regardless of their immigration status. The program will focus on reducing the barriers for immigrant and refugee youth between the ages of 14 and 24.

christmas pictureUprooted U

With the generous support of the Counselling Foundation of Canada, the FCJ Refugee Centre launched Uprooted U Program.
This educational program is designed specifically to address the current gaps in access to post-secondary education for precarious status youth.
This innovative project introduce students to university-level academic standards with respect to critical thinking, reading and writing. Other related skills such as note-taking, good study habits and time management are also covered. Students are also paired with a mentor in their identified area of interest, active professionals in our community who are eager to share their knowledge and experience. Students are able to attend a weekly class and participate in community lectures and events related to their area of interest. Each student will produce a final project for the semester outlining the work they have done and what they have learned. This is not only allowing students to develop their skills, but also providing the opportunity for them to begin working towards their larger career goals and academic ambitions.