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Our Programs

Refugee Claimant Settlement

One of the core services we provide is the transitional housing program for recently arrived women and their children. Through the year we provided temporary house to around 30 women and children. A transitional housing worker visits the houses to build community offering support in the areas they need: support with medical appointments and other vital settlement needs such as opening a bank account, language classes, etc.

We believe that the refugee experience is a continuum from the moment the refugee decides to leave their country until they become a Canadian citizen… We have developed an integrated model of services for all uprooted people, but offer temporary shelter only to women and children.
The integrated model provides:

  • Shelter for women and children
  • Various women’s programs.
  • Education, counselling and other support services,

Immigration help and Refugee Protection

  • Helping refugee claimants within Canada with every step of the refugee determination process
  • Other immigration processes (Humanitarian & Compassionate, Spousal sponsorship, work permit, etc.)
  • Information gathering in other countries
  • Collaboration with local NGOs

All activities are geared toward greater access and equity.

Popular Education: Refugee Help in Refugee Hands Workshops
•Training programs for refugee and settlement workers
•Training programs and wokshops on anti-human trafficking
•Best practice manuals
•Country and other Research papers

FCJ Youth Network

The FCJ Youth Network is an incredibly diverse group of newcomer youth that has welcomed over 80 members in the past year. The group meets on a weekly basis and shapes a space to share experiences, support one another, and mobilize their knowledge to overcome the challenges that they face. The FCJ Youth Network not only offers opportunities for volunteering and skill development, but the group plans a lot of social activities together, including: going to movies, camping, sports activities and exploring the city. The group is open for newcomer youth between the ages of 14 and 24 (and allies), and we meet every Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30 at FCJ. For more information please contact Philip at (416)469-9754 ext 228 or packerman@fcjrefugeecentre.org.
Visit our website:   www.fcjyouthnetwork.tk




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