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Summer Newsletter 2017

Summer Newsletter

Spring Newsletter 2017

Spring Newsletter

Winter Newsletter 2017



Fall Newsletter,2016


Summer special edition: 25
AnniversarySummer Newsletter: Special publication on the  25 values.The FCJ Refugee Centre celebrated 25 years of welcoming and walking with uprooted people. We are highlighted the 25 values that underlie the work that we do. This is a special publication on the 25 Values of FCJ Refugee Centre.



Spring Newsletter,2016

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front page winterWinter Newsletter 2016

front pageHoliday Newsletter

FIRST PAGE FOR WEBSITESummer Newsletter,2015

Spring NewsletterSpring Newsletter,2015

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Winter Newsletter,2015



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Summer Newsletter 2014


Spring Newsletter 2014

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Winter Newsletter 2014
Update: upcoming events on winter 2014

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