A conversation around feminicide and gender-based violence April 9



Breaking the Silence is a documentary that shows the violence that women are continuously facing, specifically in El Salvador. FCJ Refugee Centre was happy to release this documentary as a resource to create awareness about this situation around the world. The video will be available soon.

To know more information  about this reality please check the following article published by UN Women: Femicide in Latin America

Femicide in Latin America

Every time the body of a dead woman appeared, at least four families would come to see whether or not it was their loved one. The problem was much greater than we realized,” recalls Silvia Juárez, Coordinator of the Programme for a Life Free from Violence for Women, of the Organization of Salvadoran Women for Peace (ORMUSA, Organización de Mujeres Salvadoreñas por la Paz).
Supported by UN Women and others, ORMUSA is one of the many organizations of the Feminist Network against Violence towards Women, which advocated for the Special Integrated Law for a Life Free of Violence against Women in El Salvador, which came into effect on 1 January 2012.

El Salvador is in fact the country with the highest murder rate of women in the world [2]. However, with its legislation that also outlaws femicide, the country is among the most recent to join the fight to confront this type of violence in Central America – along with M (To rear the complete article click here)


Gerson Peña, documentary producer with Loly Rico (Co-director FCJ Refigee Centre) and Jessica Morales Molina (FCJ Refugee Centre Board member)


Gerson Peña and friends sharing after the documentary screening on April 9th

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