VOTE for FCJ Refugee Centre

Please VOTE for the FCJ Refugee Centre and the Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network Project to WIN the AVIVA community funding. HOPE is a project aimed to respond holistically and meet the needs of victims/survivors of human trafficking victims by providing them with services and protection.

To vote, follow these 5 easy steps in 2 minutes.

  1. Click on the link below:

  1. Register yourself: Name, email address and password
  2. Go back to your email, click on the link you will be sent. You will be redirected again to the AVIVA Website.
  3. On that page, scroll down, Search FCJ REFUGEE CENTRE on “Search project titles and organisations” and click on “see more”
  4. Kindly cast your 18 VOTES 

Submit your votes today! , voting closes on October 28


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