Workshop: Migrants’ Right to Heath & Well-Being

Migrants are often vulnerable to abuse by their employers and are afraid to speak up or form unions due to their precarious immigration status. Undocumented migrants, in particular, are reluctant to access essential services such as public health, education, and shelters due to fear of detention and deportation, exacerbating their vulnerability and isolation from the rest of society.

Migrants Resource Centre Canada (MRCC) invites you to a workshop:

FREE Volunteer Training Workshop
Saturday, October 26, 2019
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
MRCC Office: 2482 Dufferin Street, Unit 207, Toronto

This workshop will focus on healthcare as a fundamental human right that should be accessible by all, irrespective of their immigration status, and the City of Toronto’s designation as a Sanctuary City and what it means for migrants living in Toronto.

Lunchand snacks will be provided.

  • For more info or to register: 1-866-275-4046,
  • Online registration:
  • Facebook event page:

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