From our kitchen’s table… to yours: In solidarity with precarious migrants

As part of our COVID-19 response we are looking for support for women at our shelter, youth and other precarious migrants that do not have access to the emergency benefits and measures during the present health crisis. Residents of our houses, youth and clients have been laid off and need a lot of help.

You are welcome to support with grocery gift cards, baskets with personal care kits, or by visiting our website and making your donation through Canada Help.

Look for the category “Fund” and select “From our kitchen’s table… to yours: In solidarity with precarious migrants.”

You can also read about the situation they are facing in the following article:

» As coronavirus wreaks havoc, these precarious workers have ‘no one to turn to’ (Toronto Star)

Also you can find other initiatives we are implementing in this Open Letter signed by community organizations and groups in Ontario in solidarity with precarious migrants and their families.

In unique times like this, Canadians must come together and not leave anyone behind.

Thank you in advance for your support, walking together with uprooted people and in solidarity.

FCJ Refugee Centre Community

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