Thank you for building a borderless humanity… by supporting one refugee or migrant at a time

For decades, we as a community have gathered around our own kitchen table. To share coffee in the morning, to share lunch, have meetings, celebrations, birthdays, conversations and build connections. We’ve worked to support people as they build new homes around kitchen tables in their new lives here. But that process has been incredibly difficult in recent months, and this crisis has magnified those challenges for so many.

For too many people, the kitchen table where families want to gather to break bread and share a meal has become a reminder of the food security they don’t have access to.

With the initiative “From Our Kitchen Table to Yours” we have provided food security measures to 30 homes already just in the last week. In the coming days, due to the recent increase in your generous donations, we now have the capacity to reach another 40 families.

Your donation is making an immeasurable difference in the lives of precarious migrants (families, youth, adults and seniors) – all of the people who make up our enriched community. So this is a brief message of thanks to you.

Thank you for grace and solidarity.

Thank you for acknowledging a population so often isolated, marginalized and forgotten.

Thank you for walking with us…and for walking together with uprooted people.

Thank you for building a borderless humanity by supporting one refugee or migrant at a time.

Thanks, just thanks.

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