Take from us what you need, and give to each other what you can

This is the guiding philosophy of not only the FCJ Refugee Centre, but is at the very core of our common humanity. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen an enormous shift in the ways in which we interact, live our daily lives, and see the world around us. We have seen the turmoil that can be brought out in people when they are forced into situations of fear and vulnerability – circumstances so many of us who grew up in Canada with so many privileges have never had to face. But we’ve also seen the generosity of the spirit of our community.

Friends, partners, and neighbours coming together to donate food, arts & crafts supplies, toiletries. People coming together to volunteer their time and efforts to ensuring that their neighbours, and their neighbour’s neighbours have enough.

“From Our Kitchen Table to Yours” has been the manifestation of all of these efforts. An effort with results unprecedented in our Centre’s almost 30 year history. We’ve seen our entire staff and volunteer network shift to fulfill our commitment to the community. We’ve established a tremendous food and housing security initiative, making hundreds of connections in weeks alone.

From our humble community pantry, and from our kitchens to yours, we stand with you in solidarity. Our door is open today as it will be tomorrow.

Count on us.

FCJ Refugee Centre Community

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