Supporting around 150 individuals and families thanks to your generosity

Thank you for your donation… It has made a difference for that one. For that refugee, for that non-status migrant, family, child, youth, that was not left behind… It made a difference for that borderless humanity that we are dreaming to build… Your donation is making an immeasurable difference in the lives of all non-status people enriching our community.

Since the last week of March, when we just started our campaign “From Our Kitchen Table to Yours: in solidarity with precarious migrants,” our Centre has received many donations, monetary ones in our Emergency Fund, a lot of grocery cards, art and craft supplies, games and books for children and youth; one-time donation, to provide rent support to 25 individuals and 25 families; weekly food donation from Second Harvest; many smiles, signals of solidarity and gratitude…

So far, it makes a difference for just under 150 individuals and families. The number is growing by the day. Thanks for donating to support one refugee… One migrant at a time.

Thanks for donating to support one refugee… One migrant at a time.

Thank you for acknowledging a population so often isolated, marginalized and forgotten… For walking with us… For walking together with uprooted people… For building a borderless humanity…by supporting one refugee or migrant at a time.

Thanks, just thanks.

FCJ Refugee Centre

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