Launching our new Child Minding program in 2021

We know With all this COVID-19, everything is getting canceled. Especially activities with our kids like sports and performing arts.

For many parents, who are practicing social distancing with their kids at home, finding ways to break up the day and give your kids a sense of routine has been a real challenge. It’s very difficult to have them all day with no more activities.

That’s how FCJ refugee centre came out with this program, funding by the city of Toronto that your kids can check out from the safety of your home.

Our child minding program is an invitation to the younger members of our local community to participate in the creation of art, music, and in learning communication skills in English. Throughout child minding program we hope to support both the creative skills and expressions of future generations to come by connecting to families through a 1 to 1.5 hour long virtual zoom class, in which members of our dedicated staff will work to teach members of the program the basics of art (like shapes or colors), music (such as how to sing or read chords), and English through our ESL program. Art and ESL classes will run on Tuesdays from 430 pm to 6 pm, and Music and ESL classes will run on Fridays from 430 pm to 530 pm. If you would like to register, you can find our form on our website, or you can send an email to

The program is through the platform zoom that is very friendly use and its has become so popular and kids learn how to use it very fast, so just need to have internet and any device like  cellphone, tablet or computer and we will provide a link where you can access to our group, so there the kids can spend time learning how to make some crafts, easy recipes, music, doing some exercise with dancing class, learn how to draw with new techniques, practicing their reading and interacting with other kids, since socialization canot be in person at least the kids can connect between then in a safe environment

Also we want to help kids with their homework, we understand as a parent sometimes is hard to explain some exercises to our kids either with Math or any subject because we don’t understand it very well since is in English,

So if a kids are having trouble understanding any instruction we will provide assistance with it.

For some activities like crafts you may have at home some things they can use but we also would be able to provide the material they will use in art so you don’t need to be worried about spending money in this amaizing program

All Kids are welcome doesn’t matter if there are not attending school or the status of their parents  every kid is welcome  between the age 4 to 15 years they can register and join us.

This Program will be Tuesday 3:00-4:30 and Thursday 4:30-6:00

For registration contact Melina Caroprezo: