‘I’m living in fear’: Undocumented workers worry that getting the COVID-19 vaccine could lead to unwanted immigration woes

Brendan Kennedy, Toronto Star

As a personal support worker in a long-term-care home, Lily has been eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine since the first shots were administered back in December. But she hasn’t been vaccinated yet because she’s afraid — not of the vaccine itself, but that getting it could lead to losing her job or being deported.


The City of Toronto has partnered with the FCJ Refugee Centre since the beginning of the pandemic to ensure undocumented residents were able to access a range of services, from income supports to COVID-19 testing, and co-director Francisco Rico-Martinez said that partnership is continuing. He said he has met with city officials regarding vaccine access for undocumented people.

“They understand the issue,” he said. “They’re very open about our ideas, but they didn’t say yes to any of them.” […]

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