Thank you for your love and solidarity

Francisco Rico-Martínez, co-director of FCJ Refugee Centre, was diagnosed with cancer last year and, at this point, it is clear that he doesn’t have much time left. He is at home and they are working to keep him comfortable. As you can imagine, this is very hard on Loly and his family, as well as all of us who have worked with him.

We have all been so comforted by the countless messages of love, hope and prayers that continue to pour in. Loly remains by Francisco’s side, and continues to read your messages to him. In order to make sure we receive each one, we have established an e-mail address where messages can be sent. Please feel free to send your messages to

In the coming days, we’ll have a virtual mural where everyone will be welcome to share messages, and we will be sure to continue updating you.

Thank you for your love and solidarity in all times, but especially now as we join together to celebrate our mentor, our leader, and our dear friend.