Registration for English Classes is Open

FCJ Refugee Centre continues to provide support to its clients through the English online classes.

The English Class program is free. Our program is focused on people who do not have access to ESL classes or who, due to their schedules, finds it difficult to enroll in school full time.

The courses are not official classes of English to a Second Language (ESL); they are alternative classes; which works thanks to the support of volunteers. They are usually retired professors or students who generously donate their time.

In order to be able to participate you will likely need a computer or a phone with internet connection to be able to join the classes.

Our program includes classes for Beginners and Intermediate levels. We send to the students an email every week with the link and the material that we will use in the class. The classes are through the Zoom platform.

We are very happy to be able to restart the English classes, many people have been asking about them.

You are welcome to register online through our website:

or by sending an email to

Stay tuned to our website and social networks for more information and updates.