Refugee Help in Refugee Hands: The Francisco Rico-Martinez Endowment Fund

In 2020, as he did every year, our beloved late director Francisco Rico-Martínez adopted for the last time the role of Santa Claus, to bring joy, hope and gifts to the children of refugees, immigrants and undocumented people during the holiday season.

The FCJ Refugee Centre’s Francisco Rico-Martínez Endowment Fund, created in Francisco’s memory, seeks to keep alive that tradition of help and solidarity, so we can continue our work in favour of the most vulnerable populations.

This holiday season, you can contribute to keep refugee help in refugee hands.

Please make your donation here:

FCJ Refugee Centre relies on supporters like you to carry out important work. We support refugee claimants, those without status, migrant workers, women and children in need of housing, victims of human-trafficking… We also have a free health clinic, run a vibrant youth group and organize many other important initiatives that need support.

Thank you so much for your help. Every act of generosity counts.