Join us in protecting refugees on World Refugee Day

We wanted to reach out to you on the significant occasion of World Refugee Day to shed a light on the ongoing refugee situation in Canada and request your generous support.

At present, Canada is facing a critical refugee protection crisis, with an increasing number of individuals and families seeking safety and a chance to rebuild their lives. The need for comprehensive refugee protection has never been more urgent, and we believe that together we can make a real difference.

On World Refugee Day, we come together to honor the strength and resilience of refugees around the world. It is a day to commemorate their courage, celebrate their contributions, and raise awareness about their plight. With your support, we can extend a helping hand to those who have fled war, persecution, and unimaginable hardships.

Here are some key facts about the current refugee situation in Canada:

  • Growing Numbers: 100 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of conflict, persecution, human rights violations and violence. Among them are 27.1 million refugees, around 41% of whom are under the age of 18. Since the easing of border restriction on November 21, 2021, there have been over 90,000 claims made across Canada, representing a 50% increase in claims compared to the same period pre-COVID (2018/2019).
  • Humanitarian Challenges: Many refugees arrive in Canada with limited resources and face numerous challenges in accessing basic needs such as housing, healthcare, and education. Last year alone, our organization provided support to over 10,000 refugees.
  • Legal Support: A significant portion of these refugees require legal assistance to navigate the complex asylum process and ensure their rights and protection are upheld. In the past year, our protection team has provided crucial support to more than 5,000 refugees, helping them secure their status and access the protection they deserve.

On this World Refugee Day, we invite you to stand with us in support of the vulnerable refugees who have sought sanctuary in Canada. Together, we can make a profound impact and help create a brighter future for those in desperate need.

By donating to our organization, you directly contribute to the well-being and protection of refugees in Canada. Your support will help us provide essential services, including Settlement, Refugee Protection, Access to Education and Anti-Human Trafficking.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes and your continued support of our organization. Together, we can be a beacon of hope for refugees and build a more inclusive and compassionate world.