AudiobOok: ‘A Region Called Verdidulce’, by Francisco Rico-Martínez

A Region Called Verdidulce, by FCJ Refugee Centre’s late Co-Director Francisco Rico Martínez, is a book of stories, simple and very emotional. It was conceived and written from the perspective of the migratory experiences of both the author and all Central American children who were interviewed.

Here the author fuses imagination, inspiration and individual testimonies with a single intention; to create an instrument of inter-family communication, which, based on its collective reading, allows the exchange of opinions about realities and dreams between the different generations, which make up a family … a family of immigrants, in a city beyond the North.

The creation of this book would not have been possible without the sincerity and sensitivity shown in each testimony given by the children: Miguel from Guatemala, Francisco Alexander from Panama, Cintia from Costa Rica, Hernán from Honduras, Werner, María and Adolfo from Nicaragua, and Giovanni and Ana Teresa from El Salvador.

It is the wish of the author that from now on the magic spell/power of the common truth will begin to be spread to the whole world. Everyone will know that the children of a region called Central America are special and, most important of all, that they take pride in being special.

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