Statement of Solidarity with BIPOC

Racism, and in particular anti-Black racism and anti-Indigenous racism which has been promoted by white supremacy and colonialism is the very foundation upon which both Canada and the United States have been built. The incidents we have seen in recent weeks, incidents repeated so many times over the course of weeks, months, and years, have been a scary reminder of the realities faced by Black and Indigenous people. It is a reminder that the barbaric colonial displacement and genocide executed against North America’s First Nations, and the enslavement of African peoples continues to directly affect every person, particularly racialized communities, all across North America.

We stand in solidarity with, and alongside all people across this land, in demanding justice, accountability, and equity. We are calling for a fair, unbiased justice system which includes reparations from any government and authority involved in violence against racialized communities, particularly Black and Indigenous communities. We recognize the additional vulnerabilities experienced by racialized women and youth, and the tremendous systemic barriers faced by these populations.

The priority for the government must be funding humanity and not furthering oppression.

We recognize and support the resilience, the actions, the will, and the power of all oppressed people to fight for their freedom. But we recognize this self-determination with conscious awareness of our own privileges, and welcome the responsibility of joining in the resistance; refusing to stand silently by while violent barbaric acts of systemic oppression continue. We commit to actively and deliberately breaking the silence that protects and promotes structural and systemic racism wherever it exists across Turtle Island, our shared home.

Black Lives Matter Here. Indigenous Lives Matter Here. These lives are valid, are worthy, and are loved here. This is our shared home. And we will not stay silent.

De la Juventud Para Ti

Este conjunto de herramientas nació de la creciente necesidad de que los jóvenes, y especialmente los jóvenes inmigrantes recién llegados y precarios, se sientan más valorados e incluidos en los diversos servicios a los que acceden en la Ciudad de Toronto. Los jóvenes a menudo se enfrentan a desafíos cuando intentan acceder a los servicios y participar en programas en diferentes áreas, tales como asentamiento, educación, legal, empleo, ocio…

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Refugiados sirios en Bulgaria: un arma de doble filo

Refugiados sirios en Bulgaria: una espada de doble filo es un informe preparado por el FCJ Refugee Center tras una visita de una delegación del Consejo Canadiense para los Refugiados a Bulgaria en junio de 2014. Esta visita tenía varios objetivos, entre ellos, mejorar la comprensión de la compleja situación de los solicitantes de asilo y los refugiados sirios en Bulgaria. Este entendimiento fue facilitado por entrevistas con partes interesadas clave, incluyendo agencias gubernamentales, ONGs y los propios refugiados sirios, así como con visitas a los centros de recepcion de inmigrantes en Bulgaria.

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Voces Sin Fronteras

Borderless Voices (Voces sin fronteras) es un espacio abierto a cualquier persona que quiera compartir su historia y experiencias en Canadá. A través de este nuevo espacio, el FCJ Refugee Center presenta las historias de los refugiados y de otras comunidades sin voz.

El primer segmento de esta nueva sección se centra en nuestro 25 aniversario. Estamos difundiendo vídeos cortos de historias y experiencias exitosas de nuestros antiguos residentes, clientes, voluntarios, amigos y personal.