Health Care for Uninsured Migrants during the COVID-19

The webinar is focused on the services we are providing on our Primary Care Clinic and other health care services throughout Toronto for non-status populations.  During the session, we will talk about how the clinics are working during COVID, and what is going to happen in the following months.

Toronto is a Sanctuary City, meaning no one can ask information regarding immigration status when accessing city services. Also, in an emergency, you cannot be refused service at the hospital, even without a health card. The conversation will include what to do during those emergencies.

Take advantage of this informative session and feel free to ask any questions related to the services we are providing.

For registration follow the link:

Importance of Migrant Workers, challenges and options during COVID-19 WEBINAR ON JULY 8

Durante la conversación del miercoles haremos una revisión de la condición laboral de trabajadores temporales extranjeros, las dificultades que están enfrentando debido al COVID- 19 y las opciones de ayuda.
Hablaremos de los programas actualmente disponibles para trabajadores migrantes y alternativas cuando no son elegibles. El FCJ Refugee Centre sigue brindando servicios a los trabajadores migrantes, haciendo referencias, representando casos ante inmigración y otras autoridades.
Nuestro programa busca crear conciencia sobre la problemática de la trata de personas, en particular sobre casos internacionales y explotación laboral. Nuestro equipo de trabajo tiene capacidad de apoyar en diferentes idiomas (español, portugués, y francés entre otros); Si usted esta experimentando cualquier tipo de explotación, contáctenos en nuestra oficina 416-469-9754 o en nuestro teléfono WhatsApp 647-9712153. Los trabajadores migrantes siguen llegando a Canadá. Debidoa la pandemia la situación para los migrantes sin estatus es más difícil: el aislamiento, la explotación y los abusos aumentaron en el último periodo


Registration to the Virtual Info Session/ Webinar:


Updates on the Refugee Process during COVID-19

You are invited to join our FCJ Webinar on Thursday July 16, 2020.

During the Virtual Info Session Francisco Rico, the co-director of the FCJ Refugee Centre will provide an overview of the impact of the COVID-19 in the immigration procedures. The presentation will include the refugee process updates announced last week. The conversation will include key elements that you have to take into consideration and be better prepare for your refugee hearing.


Guia Como Registrarse en las Sesiones Informativas Virtuales (FCJ webinar)

Borderless Humanity Video

At FCJ Refugee Centre we continue working in solidarity with precarious migrants. We understand that this is a difficult and uncertain time for many. We recognize that precarious migrants are severely affected already as racialized and marginalized persons. With the health and safety of our entire community in mind we did some adjustments to our daily work environment.
Thank you for join us at  our virtual Open House. We wanted  to show you how we have kept the door open for precarious migrants.
We continue to remotely offer as many services as possible by phone, e-mail, or any other electronic means available to us. Due to the donations and help received we have been able to continue offering our services and supporting individuals and families who do not have access to emergency benefits.
During the Open House we  launched our  Video “Borderless Humanity”to say thank you for your support through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Transparency is how we say thank you.

To watch the video click here:



You can connect with us at our office 416-469-9754 or if you do not have access to a local phone number try our WhatsApp 437- 217 37 86

Count on us. We are open

We are expanding our ways to connect with you. Now you can find us through WhatsApp: 437 217 37 86

For any inquiries related to your immigration situation or any settlement support you need during these difficult times, please feel free to contact us through our phone number 416-469-9754 or you can send us a message at our WhatsApp 437 217 37 86.

You can also contact any of the emails or extensions below:

Loly Rico, Co-director: Ext. 224

Francisco Rico-Martinez, Co-director: Ext. 227

Diana Gallego, Associate Director: Ext. 225

Migrant Workers Mobile Program & Anti-Human Trafficking Program: 647 971 2153 (Whatsapp also available).


You can make a difference in the lives of all precarious migrants enriching our community

You can make a difference!

At FCJ Refugee Centre we continue working in solidarity with precarious migrants. We understand that this is a difficult and uncertain time for many, and we’re here to support and provide information to anyone who is in need. We provide information through our virtual sessions every Thursday or though our Borderless Voices podcast.  We continue to remotely offer our services you can connect with us by phone or e-mail. We are supporting families who do not have access to the emergency benefits, and we distribute food every week.

Your donation will make a difference to a non-status migrant, family, child, youth, that was not left behind… it will make a difference for that borderless humanity that we are dreaming to build… Your donation is making an immeasurable difference in the lives of all non status people enriching our community.


Supporting around 150 individuals and families thanks to your generosity









Thank you for your donation… it has made a difference for that one. For that refugee, for that non-status migrant, family, child, youth, that was not left behind… it made a difference for that borderless humanity that we are dreaming to build… Your donation is making an immeasurable difference in the lives of all non-status people enriching our community.

Since the last week of March, when we just started our campaign “From Our Kitchen Table to Yours: in solidarity with precarious migrants”, our Centre has received many donations, monetary ones in our Emergency Fund, a lot of grocery cards, art and craft supplies, games and books for children and youth; one-time donation, to provide rent support to 25 individuals and 25 families; weekly food donation from Second Harvest; many smiles, signals of solidarity and gratitude…

So far, it makes a difference for just under 150 individuals and families. The number is growing by the day.  Thanks for donating to support one refugee… one migrant at a time.

Thanks for donating to support one refugee… one migrant at a time.

Thank you for acknowledging a population so often isolated, marginalized and forgotten… for walking with us… for walking together with uprooted people… for building a borderless humanity…by supporting one refugee or migrant at a time.

Thanks, just thanks.

FCJ Refugee Centre



Take from us what you need, and give to each other what you can

This is the guiding philosophy of not only the FCJ Refugee Centre, but is at the very core of our common humanity. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen an enormous shift in the ways in which we interact, live our daily lives, and see the world around us. We have seen the turmoil that can be brought out in people when they are forced into situations of fear and vulnerability – circumstances so many of us who grew up in Canada with so many privileges have never had to face. But we’ve also seen the generosity of the spirit of our community.

Friends, partners, and neighbours coming together to donate food, arts & crafts supplies, toiletries. People coming together to volunteer their time and efforts to ensuring that their neighbours, and their neighbour’s neighbours have enough.

‘From Our Kitchen Table to Yours’ has been the manifestation of all of these efforts. An effort with results unprecedented in our Centre’s almost 30 year history. We’ve seen our entire staff and volunteer network shift to fulfill our commitment to the community. We’ve established a tremendous food and housing security initiative, making hundreds of connections in weeks alone.

From our humble community pantry, and from our kitchens to yours, we stand with you in solidarity. Our door is open today as it will be tomorrow.

Count on us.

FCJ Refugee Centre Community

Collecting art supplies for non-status children

We start collecting art supplies for non-status children and we were so happy to find these letters in each of the art bags.  These letters defined our local neighbour… Canada. Keep doing what you are doing. Humanity need you. Keep safe, well and strong… we are together in this.

Special thanks to Maeve and Tate for your wonderful letters. They are 6 and 8 years old and send their beautiful words in Solidarity with non- status children.





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