Launching our new Child Minding program in 2021

We know With all this COVID-19, everything is getting canceled. Especially activities with our kids like sports and performing arts.

For many parents, who are practicing social distancing with their kids at home, finding ways to break up the day and give your kids a sense of routine has been a real challenge. It’s very difficult to have them all day with no more activities.

That’s how FCJ refugee centre came out with this program, funding by the city of Toronto that your kids can check out from the safety of your home.

Our child minding program is an invitation to the younger members of our local community to participate in the creation of art, music, and in learning communication skills in English. Throughout child minding program we hope to support both the creative skills and expressions of future generations to come by connecting to families through a 1 to 1.5 hour long virtual zoom class, in which members of our dedicated staff will work to teach members of the program the basics of art (like shapes or colors), music (such as how to sing or read chords), and English through our ESL program. Art and ESL classes will run on Tuesdays from 430 pm to 6 pm, and Music and ESL classes will run on Fridays from 430 pm to 530 pm. If you would like to register, you can find our form on our website, or you can send an email to

The program is through the platform zoom that is very friendly use and its has become so popular and kids learn how to use it very fast, so just need to have internet and any device like  cellphone, tablet or computer and we will provide a link where you can access to our group, so there the kids can spend time learning how to make some crafts, easy recipes, music, doing some exercise with dancing class, learn how to draw with new techniques, practicing their reading and interacting with other kids, since socialization canot be in person at least the kids can connect between then in a safe environment

Also we want to help kids with their homework, we understand as a parent sometimes is hard to explain some exercises to our kids either with Math or any subject because we don’t understand it very well since is in English,

So if a kids are having trouble understanding any instruction we will provide assistance with it.

For some activities like crafts you may have at home some things they can use but we also would be able to provide the material they will use in art so you don’t need to be worried about spending money in this amaizing program

All Kids are welcome doesn’t matter if there are not attending school or the status of their parents  every kid is welcome  between the age 4 to 15 years they can register and join us.

This Program will be Tuesday 3:00-4:30 and Thursday 4:30-6:00

For registration contact Melina Caroprezo:


Uprooted U program Registration

We are very excited to launch our new Uprooted U program on Fridays at 2:00 pm

The program is for youth who graduated from High School, and because of their precarious status are not able to do the next steps undergraduate degree or a college program and feeling a bit lost or maybe looking for some avenues for academic participation and inclusion.

This semester (October – December 2020), the program is being facilitated Tyler Correia and Jessica Kohut, two PHD Candidates from York University, and will be held every Friday online through ZOOM from 2:00-3:00 pm.

Once we receive the application form, we will send you  the course outline (syllabus) and the ZOOM link so that you  can join the next class.

In order to register for Uprooted U, please click here to fill out and send the application form.


Join our Uprooted U online

We are very excited to launching our new Uprooted U program on Fridays at 2:00 pm leading by Tyler  Correia.

Classes are held online via Zoom, every Friday at 2 o’clock beginning this Friday October 16th, 2020!

For more information visit the FCJ Refugee Centre Website or contact






Tyler Correia

Tyler Correia is a PhD candidate completing his dissertation at York University’s Social and Political Thought program. His research focuses on the theoretical and philosophical advancements and implications of migration in cities, and how city-based actors respond. Currently, He’s working through the idea of the ‘open city’ to characterize new city-based politics grounded on the unconditional welcome of migrants drawn in part from sanctuary activism and policy, as well as urban political struggles globally – the sans papier movement in France, solidarity cities, migrant rights networks the world over.

Tyler has taught classes in many settings. Beginning early, he led program activities for YMCA youth programs in his hometown, London Ontario. As a teaching assistant at York, Tyler has taught a wide array of classes within the social sciences on topics as diverse as ethics; business and society; globalization/differential globalization and social exclusion in a global context; sociological methods, foundations and philosophy East and West; colonialism, race and gender; labour and economic structures; political philosophy, order, and the state. At the elementary and high school levels, Tyler has taught accredited classes in English and literature (grade 10 university-prep), as well as public speaking and rhetoric (grade 8 after school elective).





FCJ Youth Network is inviting newcomer youth interested in learn about storytelling and filmmaking. The project “The Past, The Present, Our Future” was launched with the Storytelling series of workshops that are taking place on Wednesdays from 4 to 6 pm.

Great turn out at the first storytelling workshop at FCJ Refugee Centre. The workshop was facilitated by Shay Shay, who guided the whole group through storytelling  techniques.

With the participation of more than 15 youths, the FCJ Youth Network started their  film project.

If you could not make the first week of February,  you can still join the group any Wednesday  and catch up on the project.

The film initiative aim is to highlight the experiences of newcomer youth in Toronto and is looking to have different voices of youth involved in the project.

FCJ Refugee Centre has an open door policy so any youth who wants to join the project is welcome to come. We are located at 208 Oakwood Ave. (one block north from St Clair West).

Contact person: Tee-Jay Ndjoze Siririka



The FCJ Youth Network Recipe Book

The youth group is a place you can come and feel appreciated. All of your troubles and struggles disappear, and you are respected”.  Chinue

On the last Wednesday of every month the FCJ Youth Network gather to celebrate a night full of amazing food, culture and music.

During the Family Dinner, the youth are ready to share a special recipe that they have selected from home. The secret of every recipe is a special ingredient: a lot of love!

Their Recipe Book “The Bestie Book” is a collection of memories, recipes, poems and much more.To read it please follow the link here: “THe Bestie Book”










You are invited to join our  Family Dinner on  the last Wednesday of every month and bring your recipe.

Upcoming Family Dinners from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm: Wednesday January 28 and  Wednesday February 27


Thank you for your support and make it possible

Thanks to your support we were able to make it at the Youth Action Gathering, YAG.

The YAG was  hosted by the Canadian Council for Refugees in Moncton, New Brunswick and we had a wonderful time! In preparation for this trip, we did a lot of fundraising including hosting two community dinners, and the creation and selling of personalized Tote Bags!

At the YAG, members of the group had the chance to participate in bilingual workshops learning about leadership skills, community engagement, and advocating for the rights of all newcomer youth living in Canada. As well as attending the Moncton AfroFest Gala, and attending Hopewell Rocks – a once in a lifetime opportunity!


We were able to make it thanks to the support from each one of you!!


Buy a Bag.. send us to YAG

Help us to get our FCJ Youth Network to the Youth Action Gatherings (YAG) .

We are raising  funds to cover the cost to travel to attend The Youth Action Gatherings (YAG) in Moncton, New Brunswick in October.

The Youth Action Gatherings (YAG) bring together immigrant and refugee youth from across Canada to share, learn and together strategize about how to address common challenges. The YAG is a space where newcomer youth across Canada build a community of support that persists even when they go back home.


Join us at our dinner for our FCJ Youth Network, on Wednesday September 25th, at 7 o’clock.  We will be preparing a delicious spaghetti dinner, with organic local ingredients, and selling tote bags as well! The cost for dinner will be $15 and the tote bags will be $15 as well! Your support will make the difference in helping us reach our goal!!

CONFIRMATION for dinner :

  2. Or contact directly Natasha at

You are also  welcome to support us through the GoFundMe campaign

Please contact Natasha at with any questions!

Spoken Word: Same Difference

Stereotypes, prejudices and all the negative labels that newcomer youth are painted with steered us in making this spoken word video. It came as an idea to some of the youth from FCJ Refugee Centre Youth Network who attended an anti-islamophobia workshop together with the strong voices from OCASI and the CCR Youth Network. We wanted to change the approach or the way youth of precarious migration status are treated once they seek assistance from service providers. By FCJ Refugee Centre Youth Network

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