Counter Human Trafficking Collaboration in Pandemic Times

Wednesday, May 18, 2022
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

How can we improve and advance our prevention work?

The theme of this virtual roundtable will be “the power of collaboration,” in which we’ll continue the conversation from our last event, focusing now in the context of the pandemic.

Crime has been adapting during this time so we need to address where we are with responses to this.

In addition to the pandemic, we will also include discussions of gender-based violence but, of course, within the context of the pandemic and human trafficking.

We will have guest speakers at the beginning to open up the event. and then afterwards we’ll go into breakout rooms and start the virtual round tables.

The purpose of the roundtables will be to give all participants an opportunity to contribute their perspectives and to participate openly and fully in this important conversation.

However, we do aim to highlight the voices and of women and youth, and place these at the fore-front – but again everyone is encouraged to participate as a way to cultivate allyship.

The goal of the roundtables will be to create tangible action items from the discussions we have.

We invite everyone to join us for a gender and youth focused virtual discussion on anti-human trafficking pandemic response and strategies to improve collaboration.

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