Panel/Workshop | Building Safety & Support: A Survivor-Led Approach to Gender-Based Violence & Human Trafficking

Thursday, May 16, 2024
9:30 am - 2:30 pm

This event is part of the Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, which is being held this year from May 12 to 18, 2024. The goal of the Week is raising awareness about the issues facing victims of crime and the services, assistance and laws in place to help victims and their families.

Building Safety & Support: A Survivor-Led Approach to Gender-Based Violence & Human Trafficking will be a comprehensive workshop aimed at addressing the needs and improving services for survivors of human trafficking.

The event will consist of panel discussions and interactive sessions led by a diverse group of experts, including service providers, survivors, and advocates.

The event will also feature the launch of survivor-led research conducted by the FCJ Refugee Centre:

  • Exploring the Impact of Survivor-Centered Approaches on the Well-Being of Youth Human Trafficking Survivors in Ontario: A Qualitative Study
  • Best Practices Report For Service Delivery to Women Who Have Lived Through Human Trafficking

Following the presentations, a dynamic panel discussion including Gladys Hernández, a youth survivor; Tashin Rodoshi from Aura Freedom, and peer advocates will provide a platform for participants to engage in meaningful dialogue and contribute to the ongoing efforts to enhance support through a survivor-led approach.

The primary objective of this event is to bridge gaps in service provision for survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence. We aim to create a platform for open dialogue, share best practices, and develop actionable strategies to enhance survivor-centered approaches.


Tashin Rodoshi (she/her)
Senior Community Engagement Specialist – Aura Freedom International

Tashin Rodoshi is a Gender Justice Advocate and she is dedicated to empowering marginalized communities, and reimagining systemic structures to advance gender equity for all women, girls and gender diverse people. At Aura Freedom International, she identifies strategies to meaningfully engage with the communities that lead to the eradication of gender-based violence and sexual exploitation across Canada. Tashin aims to continue challenging spaces to adopt a critical intersectional framework to ensure survivors of violence can safely access equitable services, resources and opportunities towards economic and social growth.

Gladys Lugo Hernández (she/her)
Youth Survivor

Gladys, from Mexico, is a remarkable individual whose journey from youth survivor of labor trafficking to advocate for change is truly inspiring. Her story is a testament to resilience and courage in the face of adversity. Through her experiences, she has gained invaluable insights into the complexities of gender-based violence and human trafficking. Gladys brings a unique perspective as a survivor-led voice in the fight against these injustices. Her mission is not only to share her own story but also to empower others who may feel trapped or hopeless. With her knowledge and unwavering support, Gladys aims to raise awareness and foster meaningful dialogue on these critical issues.

Fiona Douglas (she/her)
Program Manager, Anti-Human Trafficking Services, Covenant House

Carolina Leite (she/her)
Peer Champion – OCASI Building Leadership Capacity Project

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