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FCJ Refugee Centre is providing primary health care, mental health care and self-care at their main location, to meet the disenfranchised populations from diverse cultural backgrounds with unique health needs.

Our Primary Care Clinic, funded by Inner City Health Associates (ICHA), is dedicated to providing transitional primary care and psychiatry services to those without insurance (OHIP, IFH), prioritizing the well-being of uprooted people.

We understand that everyone deserves access to health care, regardless of their insurance and immigration status. Our team aim is to assist patients with their health and psychosocial needs, and to help them navigate the social services and health system in order to transition to long-term care with a family physician in the community.

FCJ Refugee Centre identifies equity and culturally competent strategies and services as critical to improving and maintaining the health of vulnerable populations. The clinic focuses on illness prevention and health promotion.

Contact us to schedule an appointment:

Please keep in mind that registering waiting times may vary significantly, as this service is not designed as a walk-in clinic or daily basis service.

To be eligible to become a patient of our family practice, you must have no insurance at all and resident of Canada.

The service is provided by Family MD and Psychiatrists based on referrals.


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