More than numbers

More than numbers

Placement Students

Our model of working with students has proven to be successful. In the last 6 months we have had 12 positive decisions on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds applications. To read more about the impact on their lives, click here

Growing confidence through our mentoring program for individuals

We continue to have metorees paired in all facets of our office, in administration with our bookkeeper, in our refugee protection, in communications with our communications coordinator, and with our co-director in international advocacy as well as in our legal information department. All staff is very involved with the mentorees and have incorporated them in all of the office’s activities and it has created a very inclusive atmosphere where the mentorees are seen as other members of the staff. This program seems to be very successful as we see how the mentorees are growing in confidence as well as ability, to the point that is mentioned before on their ability to be trusted for one of our own positions in March.

Learning and sharing

This whole year has been very successful in our recruitment of students and volunteers meeting all targets, thanks to the valuable students from Seneca College, University of Toronto, York University, Osgoode Pro-Bono Program.

We have received a lot of good feedback from the students and volunteers who are always grateful for the opportunity as well as showing us through their midterm and final evaluations on all that they have learned especially when they see how our methods work and get results for clients.

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