Our Organization

The FCJ Refugee Centre is incorporated and is registered as a charitable organization. We have a Board of Directors, an Executive Director, one Senior Director, two associate directors, five managers, four coordinators, 11 full and part-time staff, and several volunteers and placement students. We offer temporary accommodation to women and children refugee claimants, workshops on various aspects of the refugee/immigration process, and information/assistance and referrals to all uprooted people.

Mission and Mandate

The mission of the FCJ Refugee Centre:

FCJ Refugee Centre helps up-rooted people overcome the challenges of rebuilding their lives in Canadian society. With an open door approach, the Centre offers an integrated model of refugee protection, settlement services and education, including shelter for women and their children.

The FCJ Refugee Centre has a mandate to assist refugees and other uprooted people in re-establishing their lives and integrating into Canadian society by:

  • Offering inclusive and timely counseling and support, including interpretation, referral to legal assistance, employment training, programs on Canadian culture and life, and other educational workshops
  • Providing temporary shelter for women and children
  • Collaborating with relevant organizations to deliver popular education about the protection of the human rights and dignity of up-rooted people.


Operating a project like the FCJ Refugee Centre requires people with a strong vision about the work of refugee organizations (the Board), people who are able to make this vision a reality (the Staff and Volunteers), and people who support the vision through their generous donations.

Board of Directors

Sharry Aiken

Jehad Aliweiwi
Vice President

Lois Anne Bordowitz
Past – President

Sandra Gonzales

Christine Gebel

Zahra Hojati
Board Member

Tigest Gulbet
Board Member

Susan Donohue
Board Member

Ann McGill
Board Member

Eusebio García
Board Member

Sheriff Alimmi
Board Member