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COVID-19 Update

During this difficult time we continue to work in solidarity with precarious migrants. The Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Workers Mobile Program is working online and by phone. We are providing to Migrant Workers remote services, doing referrals, presenting cases to immigration and other authorities, and creating public awareness on human trafficking, particularly on international cases and labour exploitation.

We have a strong team which speaks different languages. If you need to talk about any form of exploitation please contact us at our office: 416-469-9754, or at our WhatsApp phone: 647-9712153.

Migrant workers still coming to Canada and the situation for non status migrants is more challenging this time due to isolation, which increases exploitation and abuse.

Support services for trafficked persons

The FCJ Refugee Centre offers direct services to people who have been trafficked, taking into account the range of supports needed. Walking with survivors through legal processes, immigration procedures, settlement and recovery, we take a holistic approach to ensure people are informed and empowered to steer their own course out of the trafficking experience.

We ensure trafficked persons have access to orientation, legal assistance and referrals, information about their immigration options, appropriate housing, employment support, counseling and other forms of psycho-social support.

The program encompasses 3 projects:

  • The Migrant Workers Mobile Program
  • The Migrant Women’s Counter Human Trafficking Alliance
  • The Youth Alliance Against Human Trafficking

The path out of human trafficking may take time, and we ensure that we walk with people the whole way.

Migrant Workers Mobile Program

This project plays a large role in bringing the discussion of labour trafficking to the human trafficking landscape in Canada. Through hosting capacity building and information sessions, the project prevents instances of labour and sex exploitation by informing migrant workers about labour and immigration laws, policies and available community supports.

The project also offers holistic case management to migrants working in any industry and of any immigration status, supporting specifically with immigration procedures, access to healthcare, and referrals. Individuals can connect with this program through WhatsApp.

In the following video, Luis Alberto Mata, FCJ Regugee Centre’s Anti-Human Trafficking Program Coordinator, explains our Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Workers Mobile Program. Luis shares the story of one of the many cases that the Anti-Human Trafficking team supports at FCJ Refugee Centre.

Migrant Women’s Counter Human Trafficking Alliance

This project approaches women through a peer led model to provide them with holistic information and access to wrap around supports. This enhanced access to knowledge will equip women with the tools they need to make informed decisions about their lives and futures. These efforts will work to circumvent emerging international cases of human trafficking for the intent of labour and sex exploitation within Canada.

The program connects women to safe housing and offers a safe space for these vulnerable women to share their experiences in a nonjudgmental and supportive environment while also providing critical information through workshops, materials, information sessions and open discussions, and the collaborative creation of best practices.

Youth Alliance Against Human Trafficking

This project provides access to wrap-around supports for migrant youth at-risk of and in conditions of human trafficking for the intent of labour and sex exploitation. It implements a peer-to-peer approach in connecting individuals with lived experiences to inclusive and appropriate resources.

Additionally, the program conducts a youth-led preventative strategy in providing materials and hosting information sessions with the goal of increasing awareness about the intersectionality of youth and human trafficking, and increasing the capacity of service providers to support youth.

This project supports migrant youth who are 14 – 24 years old.

Information and Support

  • Referral to legal aid, lawyers
  • Appeals to legal aid
  • Help with forms which include: H&C or spousal sponsorship, family reunification
  • To book an appointment, phone 416-469-9754