English Classes

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Thanks to the contribution of volunteers we were able to  open the English classes (ELL: English Language Learning)

The English teachers have helped the ELL program evolve to a more structured and stable program.

The students need to register, sending an email to esl@fcjrefugeecentre.org using the form below, with their name, email, and which class they want to attend.

For the Beginner English Class we send to the students an email every week with the link and the material that we will use in the class, this material includes basic grammar and vocabulary that they are interested in learning, we include exercises that we do together in class, while reviewing all the material. The classes are through zoom platform, and run on Mondays at 2:00pm (except on long weekends).

For the Intermediate Level Conversation Group the students receive the link every week, also we use Zoom platform, and the classes are Thursday at 4:00pm (with the exception of this week, the class will be on Wednesday) This is for students who already know the basic grammar and vocabulary but they want to practice English and work on their confidence to express themselves in daily life.