Episode #73: Come to our Street Party and celebrate our community!

Borderless Voices
Borderless Voices
Episode #73: Come to our Street Party and celebrate our community!

Let’s get together and build community! The FCJ Refugee Centre’s annual Diverse Residents, One Community Street Party is coming up this Saturday!

In this episode, Loly Rico, Executive Director of the FCJ Refugee Cente, talks about this family event, where you’ll find activities for children, games, food, music, live performances, piñatas, and much more.


Welcome to a brand new episode of the Borderless Voices podcast presented by the FCJ Refufee Centre.

Hi, my name is Loy Rico. I’m the executive director of the FCJ Refufee Centre.

On June 10 we are going to have our annual street party, ‘Diverse Residents, One Community.’

This is very important because it is when we invite our neighbors, our clients, our colleagues, our friends, and we get together a whole day.

We start at 12 noon and we close at six o’clock, and we will enjoy different food from different parts of the world.

We’ll enjoy music. We will have salsa, we will have zumba classes, and also we are going to listen to many of our residents or clients or participants in our programs: they have a lot of artistic skills.

We will have face painting for the children, our famous er castle jumping castle, and food. The tradional food we always have is pupusas, arepas… but we’ll have also Ethiopian food, somosas… And also we will have a surprise food!

If you’d like to join us, especially now that we start the summer and it’s Pride month, you can come and celebrate with us Pride, because the meaning of ‘Diverse Residents, One Community’ is that all of us, we are a community, no matter how we identify ourselves. We are a big community .

Come and celebrate in our street party!

Remember: June 10th, you have an appointment with us at 12.


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