Episode #27: Giving Tuesday 2022: Support the Youth Network

Home Is Here
Home Is Here
Episode #27: Giving Tuesday 2022: Support the Youth Network


Welcome to our new episode of the FCJ Youth Network Home is Here podcast. All uprooted youth are welcome.

Hi, everyone. My name is Stefan. Welcome to the Home is Here podcast. I’m the Youth and Access to Education Coordinator here at the FCJ Refugee Centre, and I also oversee the Youth Network here at the Centre.

In this podcast we are going to be talking a little bit more about Giving Tuesday. So, just to give you some context about that, coming this weekend, we have Black Friday, that is seen and observed both in the US and Canada, as the season of Thanksgiving arrives in the US.

And, with the season of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, we see a lot of purchasing and buying for ourselves, and, in that sense, the following week, on Giving Tuesday we take that initiative to give back to the community after doing all the buying the previous weekend and the holiday season.

Keeping that in mind, I just want to talk a little bit about the Youth Network here at the FCJ Refugee Centre.

We meet every Wednesday days 4pm onwards, and we open our doors to any newcomer and migrant youth, generally between the ages of 13 to 30. It doesn’t matter what the immigration status are, or different intersecting identities. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their status.

Some of the things that we do in the Youth Network, we have different workshops, activities that are more for enjoyment… We also have conversations and deep discussions on pressing topics that affect newcomer youth and their daily lives.

We talk about things like anti human trafficking and how these different characteristics and trends can affect and bring awareness to newcomer youth.

So we have conversations like that on serious ends, and we do podcast as well, similar to this one on our Home is Here podcast.

Also, we try to intersect enjoyable component to that. Sometimes we watch movies and then bring the storyline into these conversations.

Every last Wednesday in the month, we also have family dinner here at the Centre, and that ties into one of our core values, which is creating the dining table that was left back home in our home countries.

So some of the ways that you can contribute this Giving Tuesday to the Youth Network, through your kind donations through the link on our website… And some of the tangible amounts is like a $50 donation could go towards two meals at our monthly family dinners.

So we welcome you to donate any amount that you are available to do. Nothing is too small and nothing is too large.

We welcome and we’re grateful for all the donations that you are able to give us.

Don’t miss the date: Giving Tuesday is this November 29.

Thank you so much and we will see you next time on the Home is Here podcast.

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Thanks for listening to our podcast. Home is here.