Episode #29: Music Classes, A Great Experience

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Home Is Here
Episode #29: Music Classes, A Great Experience

Jocelyn and Min Lee, two volunteer teachers from the University of Toronto chapter of MusicBox, offering free music classes hosted at the FCJ Refugee Centre for children aged 6-12, share their experience after this edition of the program.


Welcome to our new episode of the FCJ Youth Network Home is Here podcast. All uprooted youth are welcome.


Hi, everyone. My name is Min Lee and I’m one of the volunteer music teachers with the MusicBox U of T chapter.

This year I am working with the FCJ [Refugee] Centre to teach a world music appreciation lesson here. And in this class, we mainly teach the Children to appreciate different in music from around the world.

We also teach music theory lessons and we also teach them different instrument sounds to inspire them to appreciate different kinds of instruments, different kind of music styles.

And we also play musical games with them and the lessons are usually like 3 to 5 children.

We really enjoyed this, this experience here, and, well, we also learned a lot in the process. We learned different languages… For example, we learned some Spanish words from some of the children.

So over all, a really great experience, thank you.

And next coming up will be my uh fellow volunteer teacher, Jocelyn.


Yeah, thank you, Min Lee.

So, I’m Jocelyn. I’m also a volunteer from Music Box U of T chapter, volunteering at the FCJ [Refugee] Centre.

And I enjoyed the times volunteering with Min Lee at FCJ so much… We taught different lessons, music lessons to the kids here, and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to share my music knowledge and the music that I like to the kids.

And I also learned a lot from them, like different kind, different genres of music, and also Spanish, as Min Lee has just said, and I’m so glad seeing the kids returning from the previous week, so that we can see again, even though sometimeswe could not communicate withlike a common language, but we also managed to communicate with one another with body languages, translation apps and, yeah, different kinds of means of communication.

So I really enjoy volunteering here and I also hope that the kids have fun in their lessons.

Thank you.

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