Francisco Rico-Martínez (1958-2021)
Late Co-Director

Our beloved Co-Director Francisco Rico-Martínez passed away on August 13, 2021. He was a pacifist revolutionary who was a trained lawyer in El Salvador and had a Master’s in Economy from Costa Rica. He was forced to leave his beloved country in 1990 due to his work as a defender of Human Rights during the El Salvadorian Civil war. Francisco came to Canada with his pregnant wife and two children as refugees. As he established himself and his family in Canada, he became painfully aware of the plight of migrants in Canada. With great pride and with the help of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ), as well as his adoring wife, they founded what is now known as the FCJ Refugee Centre almost 30 years ago. This gained him many accolades including being the first refugee to be President of the Canadian Council for Refugees, a recipient of the YMCA Peace Medallion and the William P. Hubbard Race Relations award. As a committed husband, loving father, and joyous grandfather, Francisco lived to better the lives of everyone he would encounter, specifically those who were marginalized. Francisco was steadfast in the face of injustice making sure that all who could hear him would be aware. An advocate for a just and fair immigration system, he would educate anyone who would hear him on the rights and the plight of migrants, not just in Canada but around the world. Francisco leaves a Legacy of love and hope.

Loly Rico
Executive Director
416 469 9754 ext 224

Loly, formally trained as a physiotherapist, started working with Down Syndrome children in El Salvador, becoming aware of how their human rights were abused, and how the tremendous needs of these children were not addressed by the government. Later on, she became more deeply involved in social justice in El Salvador. Upon arrival in Canada, through her own experience as a refugee she became acutely aware of the situation of refugees in this part of the world. In 1991, she and Francisco founded the FCJ Hamilton House Refugee Project, with the invaluable support of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus. Loly has a deep understanding of what is involved in setting up a safe environment for a vulnerable group, one that invites them to rebuild a sense of self, and gives them tools to regain lost confidence. She is currently Co-Director of the Centre, and head of the settlement services programme. In 2004, the City of Toronto awarded her the Constance E. Hamilton Award, for her unflinching commitment and contribution to women’s rights and social justice. She also received the YMCA Peace Medallion.

Diana Gallego
Senior Director
416 469 9754 ext 225

Diana Gallego is a Colombian-trained lawyer, with experience in advocacy, human rights and social justice. In 2002, Diana was forced to flee Colombia with her husband and son. This experience shaped a new commitment and led her into working with immigrants and refugees. Diana graduated in Community Work from George Brown College in Toronto. She is part of the Canadian Council for Refugees as an executive member and is a part time professor in the Centre for Community Services at George Brown College. Diana Joined the FCJ Refugee Centre in 2015 and now is the Senior Director.

Tsering Lhamo
Associate Director – Settlement
416 469 9754 ext 229

Tsering is a Tibetan Canadian, who came to Canada in early 2000’s as a Refugee. She completed her BScN from York University. She came to FCJ Refugee Centre as placement student, while pursuing a diploma in Social Service Work from Seneca College and later joined the FCJ Refugee Centre Staff team in March 2018 as Housing Worker, supporting precarious migrants in seeking shelter and secure housing options. She currently works as Associate Director overseeing the settlement areas at FCJ Refugee Centre, which includes Housing, Primary Care Clinic, Food Security, Women’s program, and Anti-Human Trafficking program.

Carolina Teves
Associate Director – Communications and Access to Education
416 469 9754 ext 240

Carolina earned two bachelors’ degrees from Universidad Centro Americana Jose Simeon Canas (San Salvador) in Education and Journalism. She began work as a teacher of literature in high school. While teaching she began her Journalism degree and her involvement with the university radio station YSUCA. On completion of her degree in Journalism, Carolina committed herself to a career in that field and began work as a journalist with YSUCA. Her work focussed on human rights and Carolina worked at the radio station for over ten years. She continued working at the radio station and also took on a teaching position in 1999 at Universidad Centro Americana to teach radio production: writing, editing etc. In the fall of 2001, Carolina came to Canada from El Salvador with her husband and three children.


Edgar Valderrama Medina
Immigration and Refugee Protection
416 469 9754 ext 223

Jovana Blagovcanin
Anti-Human Trafficking
416 469 9754 ext 242

Alexandra García Hidalgo
Intake and Human Resources
416 469 9754 ext 238

Kanishka Basnayake
Finance and Operations
416 469 9754 ext 241


Cagla Azizoglu
Resource Development
416 469 9754 ext 228

Laura Friesen
Immigration and Refugee Protection
416 469 9754 ext 246

Cumhur Erdikili
Anti-Human Trafficking
416 469 9754 ext 254

Chiara Andrea Rossi
Anti-Human Trafficking – Women
416 469 9754 ext 222

Tenzin Khentse
Anti-Human Trafficking – Youth
416 469 9754 ext 244

Stefan Enrique Joseph Kallikaden
Youth and Access to Education
416 469 9754 ext 248

Jaqueline Cortés
Refugee and Housing
416 469 9754 ext 235

Belén Mosqueda
Refugee and Housing
416 469 9754 ext 233

Luisa Moncada
Women’s and Transitional Housing
416 469 9754 ext 232

Elisa Ibarra Juárez
Primary Care Clinic
416 469 9754 ext 230

Kelly Arévalo
Food Security
416 4699754 ext 231

Miguel Máiquez
Web Editor and Communication
416 4699754 ext 263


Samuel Tetelepta
Anti-Human Trafficking – Migrant Case
416 469 9754 ext 226

Abigail González
Anti-Human Trafficking – Youth
416 469 9754 ext 260

Diana Caipa
Anti-Human Trafficking Support
416 469 9754 ext 255

Ohad Eyal
Anti-Human Trafficking and Youth Support
416 469 9754 ext 262

Dennis Sseruwu
Immigration and Refugee Support
416 469 9754 ext 243

Joy Arumala
Refugee and Housing Support
416 4699754 ext 256

Judith Clavijo
Refugee and Housing Support
416 4699754 ext 236

Emma Coulter
Refugee and Housing Support
416 4699754 ext 234

Paulina Zúñiga
Refugee and Housing Support
416 4699754 ext 237

Eman Mohamed
Refugee and Housing Support
416 469 9754 ext 269

Cinthya Coronado
Refugee and Housing Support
416 4699754 ext 267

Liz Mwangi
Refugee and Housing Support
416 4699754 ext 268

Selvajayan Vijayarangan
Refugee and Housing Support
416 4699754 ext 266

Natalia Mercado
Youth Support
416 4699754 ext 227

Alyaa Osman
Communication and Public Education
416 4699754 ext 263

Viktor Stembrock
Resources Development Assistant
416 4699754 ext 259

Alma Ulob

Melina Castro Caroprezo
ELL Program
416 4699754 ext 247

Rojin Zeytinoglu
ELL Support
416 4699754 ext 247

Diana Sánchez
Database Support

Alexandra Crespo

Joshua Eisen
In-House Lawyer
416 4699754 ext 261

Tracy Muriithi, Centre for Refugee Children
Project Coordinator – A Roadmap to Justice
416 4699754 ext 258


Sr. Lois Anne Bordowitz

Sr. Lois Anne Bordowitz is a member of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus, a small international congregation ( She has had a variety of assignments in her life, including teaching, missionary in Sierra Leone for 10 years, social justice ministry including work with refugees in Calgary and in Toronto. In Sierra Leone, Lois Anne was a facilitator for a development education program used extensively in Africa. Sr. Lois Anne joined the FCJ Refugee Centre in 1996, working with Francisco in organizing workshops, producing manuals, updating website, etc. She volunteers at FCJ Refugee Centre in the office and one day a week at the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre.