Stay Awake Campaign 2023

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The Youth Alliance Against Human Trafficking would like to introduce a new edition of the #StayAwakeCampaign.

The #StayAwakeCampaign is a dedicated initiative spotlighting human trafficking among precarious migrant youth. Through this campaign, we adopt an intersectional lens, addressing the intertwined vulnerabilities and oppressions faced by migrant youth.

We’ll focus on:

  • Understanding human trafficking: Demystifying myths and presenting the stark realities.
  • The Canadian context: Highlighting local statistics and the prevalence of trafficking in Canada.
  • Diverse exploitation forms: Discussing both sex trafficking and labor exploitation, revealing the multifaceted nature of this crime.
  • The reality of international students life in Canada
  • Creativity and healing

Join us in this pivotal movement. Together, we can raise awareness, educate, and combat Human Trafficking.

Week 1

Day 1: What is human trafficking?

Did you know that human trafficking impacts millions of lives globally every year? Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery where individuals are exploited for labor, sexual acts, or other services against their will. It takes numerous forms, including sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and child trafficking, each leaving a devastating impact on victims. Access the gallery to understand its various forms and some startling statistics that underline the urgency to combat this heinous crime.

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Day 2: How does sex trafficking happens?

Sex trafficking is a heart-wrenching reality that affects millions worldwide. From the smallest towns to the most significant cities, no one is immune to its devastating impact. Here are some crucial facts to raise awareness:
– Every 30 seconds, someone becomes a victim of human trafficking.
– Sex trafficking is a $150 billion criminal industry.
– Victims come from diverse backgrounds, ages, and genders.
Together, we can make a difference and spread awareness. Access the gallery to see how sex trafficking happens.

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Day 3: How does labour trafficking happen in Canada?

How does labour trafficking happen in Canada? Hidden in plain sight: Labor trafficking is a grave reality in Canada. From coercive recruitment to deceptive job offers, many find themselves trapped in exploitative situations with limited freedom. Access the gallery to uncover how this form of modern-day slavery manifests in our communities. Let’s stay informed, vigilant, and united against this injustice.

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Day 4: The reality of labor trafficking

From agriculture to hospitality, labor trafficking permeates various industries in Canada. As we delve into the plight of migrant workers, it’s crucial to approach with empathy and understanding. Remember, behind every statistic is a human story. Access the gallery to discover more and let’s be allies in their fight for justice.

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Day 5: Demystifying myths around human trafficking

Human trafficking, often shrouded in misconceptions, remains one of the most misunderstood global issues. Myths and misinformation not only distort our understanding but can also hinder efforts to support survivors and combat this heinous crime. Today, we aim to demystify some of these myths, shedding light on the realities of human trafficking and empowering our community with accurate knowledge. Join us as we separate fact from fiction and pave the way for informed advocacy.

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Week 2

Day 6: The reality of international students life in Canada

Canada, a dream destination for many international students, offers world-class education and opportunities. However, beneath the surface lies a less talked about issue: the exploitation of these students. From employment malpractices to housing challenges, many international students grapple with situations they never anticipated. Today, we embark on a journey to uncover these hidden challenges and shed light on the realities they face.

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Day 7: Are international students exploited?

International students in Canada dream of a brighter future, but many face hidden challenges. From underpayment and unsafe work conditions to housing issues and academic exploitation, their journey isn’t always smooth. It’s crucial to be aware, offer support, and advocate for their rights. Let’s stand together to ensure their well-being and protect their dreams.

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Day 8: What role do educational recruiters play in exploiting international students?

Behind the allure of studying abroad, there’s a hidden narrative. International recruiters often paint a rosy picture, but not all deliver on their promises. Let’s shed light on the unseen side of overseas education and stand up for students’ rights.

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Day 9: International students’ rights

Empowerment starts with awareness. International students in Canada are protected by law and have rights that safeguard their well-being. From fair work practices to secure housing, it’s vital to know your rights and where to find help if you need it.

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Day 10: Support for international students

Seeking support as an international student in Canada? You’re not alone on this journey! From academic guidance to mental health services and legal support, there’s a network ready to assist you. Together, we’re stronger. There are organizations and communities ready to support international students in their journey. Let’s connect, support, and uplift each other.

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Week 3

Day 11: Creativity and Healing (1)

Welcome to the intersection of creativity and healing. This week, we will observe a poignant journey through art, where each brushstroke unveils the silent narratives of mental health struggles intertwined with the fight against human trafficking. This campaign is not just about raising awareness; it’s about understanding the unspoken pain and the resilience that lies within the hearts of those affected.

Art has the unique power to express the inexpressible — to give form to the fears, hopes, and dreams that words alone cannot convey. It allows for a cathartic release, offering a path to recovery that transcends traditional communication. Through the pieces we will share, we hope to offer solace, to stir empathy, and to kindle a flame of action against the shadows of exploitation.

As we unfold these visual stories, we invite you to reflect on the profound impact that human trafficking has on mental health. We encourage you to see beyond the canvas to the real-life implications of these artworks. Each color, each line, each texture represents a step towards healing — not just for the artists, but for all of us as a collective.

Join us in this movement of awareness and recovery. Witness how art can not only expose the depths of the issue but also pave the way for mental wellness and empowerment. Let’s embrace the power of art to heal, to unite, and to inspire change.

The art that we will be sharing this week were made by youth by FCJ Youth Network. This particular art was made by a 24yrs old youth member which portrays the overcoming mental health struggles.

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Day 12: Creativity and Healing (2)

Within the bold lines and stirring shades of one of our Youth Network members aged 26 lies a silent narrative waiting to erupt into the consciousness of our community. Today, we present a piece that is more than mere art—it is a poignant commentary on the stolen childhoods of millions, a visual manifesto against the injustice of child labor.

This artwork, crafted by the hands of a young visionary from our Network, captures the stark reality of young lives eclipsed by premature toil. Each brushstroke is a testament to lost dreams and the resilience of the spirit that persists even in the face of such adversity. It is a mirror held up to society, reflecting the urgent need for change and the power of youth to catalyze that change.

Through their art, we are invited to witness a world that should not exist, yet does, in the shadows of our global landscape. This piece is not just an expression of creativity; it is an act of advocacy, a call to recognize and respond to the plight of child laborers everywhere.

As we share this profound work with you, we hope it resonates deeply, stirring a sense of responsibility and kindling a flame of activism. Let it be a reminder that the issue of child labor is not a distant reality but a present challenge, calling for our immediate attention and action.

Together, we can transform this awareness into a movement that not only uplifts the voices of the affected but also works tirelessly to restore the joy and freedom of childhood.

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Day 13: Creativity and Healing (3)

Emerging from the shadows with strength and courage, many trafficking victims find their way back to freedom on their own. This powerful artwork by a talented member of our youth network depicts the resilience of those who have navigated their way out of darkness. It’s a tribute to their bravery and a stark reminder of the need for stronger support systems. The current law enforcement is unable to detect and intervene in trafficking operations at large scale and shows more need for support from individual and community organizations. Let’s amplify their voices and bolster our efforts to end human trafficking.

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Day 14: Creativity and Healing (4)

In the stark lines and haunting contrasts of this artwork lies a truth too often veiled in silence: the sale of souls in the shadowy markets of human trafficking. This powerful piece, created by a member of our youth network, confronts us with the commodification of human life, urging us To see, To care, and To act. Let’s stand together to dismantle these markets and affirm the priceless worth of every individual.

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Day 15: Creativity and Healing (5): Empowering Actions

As we reach the final day of our campaign, it’s important to remember that the battle against human trafficking is far from over. Each one of us has the power to effect change and be a beacon of hope in this ongoing fight.

Today, we not only reflect on our collective efforts but also showcase the inspiring artwork created by the youth members at FCJ. Their art vividly illustrates that our crusade against human trafficking is an ever-present endeavor, filled with diverse ways to engage and spread awareness.

As we wrap up this campaign, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for joining us on this meaningful journey. Your participation, support, and shared commitment have been invaluable. We’re eager to hear your thoughts, experiences, and insights gained along the way. Your feedback is not just appreciated—it’s essential in shaping our future initiatives.

Together, we’ve taken significant steps, but there’s still much to be done. Let’s carry forward the momentum, continuing to learn, share, and advocate for those affected by human trafficking. Thank you for standing with us in this vital cause.

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If you are concerned that you or someone you know may be a victim of forced labour or sex please contact the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-833-900-1010.