Women’s Programs

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Support Groups

On-going information-sharing on issues relevant to women adapting to a new culture.

Community Activities

Our community events (meetings, workshops, celebrations,etc) provide an avenue for sharing of ideas and experiences improving interaction through our residents.

Women’s Entrepreneur Skills Workshops

Our women’s skill building and entrepreneur development workshops connect women with each other and developing business skills, using their cultural abilities and traditions.

International Cookbooks

The FCJ Community Kitchen was a group of immigrant and refugee women who got together once a month to cook and share healthy and nutritious meals from their country of origin. This program was a fantastic way for the women in our community to come together and prepare and enjoy a meal. The program enhanced the capacity of participants to acquire skills in preparing affordable recipes, providing fresh fruits and vegetables. From recipe selection, to shopping, cooking, and clean-up, everyone participated. Two International Cookbooks were developed from this program: