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Our unique service provisions model is partially funded by the Newcomer Settlement Program from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

One of the core services we provide is the transitional housing program for recently arrived women and their children. We welcome refugee women from all around  of the word. We provide temporary house to around 30 women and children. A transitional housing worker visits the houses to build community offering support in the areas they need: support with medical appointments and other vital settlement needs such as opening a bank account, language classes, etc. We believe that the refugee experience is a continuum from the moment the refugee decides to leave their country until they become a Canadian citizen… We have developed an integrated model of services for all uprooted people, but offer temporary shelter only to women and children. We offer temporary shelter (up to one year) to women and children. During this time we offer the following initial settlement services to both the residents in our shelters and to others who come to our office:
Orientation. We help the women with a basic orientation to life in a new country, where to shop and how to use public transit, etc.
Legal Assistance. One of the first appointments they must make is with legal aid. We refer them to a good refugee lawyer who will represent them in their refugee case and prepare them for their refugee hearing.
Social Assistance. The next appointment is with OntarioWorks, to get social assistance for their basic needs and rental allowance, which they pay to us for their accommodation. They are eligible for social assistance as long as they are in school or other training full time.
Medicals. Medical appointment is necessary to apply for a work permit and a Social Insurance Number. This can take up to three months.
School. If the women do not speak English, they are enrolled in an English as a Second Language class for adults. If they have children, the children are enrolled in a school near them.
Women’s programs/Support Groups:  on-going information-sharing on issues relevant to women adapting to a new culture
Community Kitchen: Our Community Kitchen provides an avenue for sharing of ideas and experiences improving interaction through our residents.
International Cookbooks have been developed from the Community Kitchen Program: Cookbook 2007, Cook-Book 2008
Women’s Circle: Workshops on the prevention of domestic violence. This was a series of workshops to help women who have suffered abuse to learn how to prevent falling into a similar situation in the future. A CD containing the materials of these workshops is available free of charge. Send an e-mail to Loly

FCJ Refugee Centre is providing primary health care clinic, mental health clinic and self-care at their main location to meet the disenfranchised populations from diverse cultural backgrounds unique health needs. The very essence of the program is to focus on the holistic health care which is integrated approach to health that treats individual as “whole”.The holistic model of care does not only provide primary health care but also focuses on, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

PRIMARY HEALTH CARE CLINIC: The Clinic is open on SATURDAYS: from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm  and WEDNESDAYS: from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm
For appointments contact us at Tel: (416) 469 – 9754 , ext: 230. We’re funded by Inner City Health Associates (ICHA). Please note that this is a free service for uninsured clients or who don’t have a care provider elsewhere.
The service is provided by a group of health team;  Please contact us at  (416) 469 – 9754 ext.: 230  on Wednesday or S aturdays  from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Learn more about our clinic :

 ENGLISH CLASSES (ELL: English Language Learning): Thanks to the contribution of volunteers we were able to keep open the English classes on Saturdays (exception long weekends)The English teachers have helped the ELL program evolve to a more structured and stable program. In the last period a teacher’s feedback resulted in the implementation of a workbook which has been extremely beneficial to the administration of the program and efficiency of the class. We have also seen  an increase in volunteer interest, which is going to open the opportunity to use assistants and potentially develop sub-projects/programs within the ELL program. English class is every Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm .  You do not need to register to join the English class.

ALL WOMEN COUNT : Series of workshops for women

All women count


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