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Anti-Human Trafficking Program

The FCJ Refugee Centre offers direct services to people who have been trafficked, taking into account the range of supports needed. Walking with survivors through legal processes, immigration procedures, settlement and recovery, we take a holistic approach to ensure people are informed and empowered to steer their own course out of the trafficking experience.

New at the Public Education Program: Webinars

Connect with us and learn how to navigate the immigration system. The Virtual Info Sessions are focused on the Impact of COVID-19 in the refugee process, postponement of refugee hearings and services available. Also, we share ideas on what to do while you are waiting for your refugee hearing.

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No scape

A production of FCJ Refugee Centre and the Regional Network of Civil Organizations for Migrants (RROCOM).

This documentary is about the situation of around 8000 Cuban migrants stranded within the Northern and Southern borders of Costa Rica.

My Voice

The video My Voice reflects the challenges that non- status and refugee faces in Canada, such as mental health. A lot of Canadian citizens don’t know about the challenges that immigrants faces in the country.

Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria: A Double Edged Sword

Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria: A Double Edged Sword, a report prepared by FCJ Refugee Centre after a delegation from Canadian Council for Refugees visit Bulgaria in June 2014. This visit had variety of goals including better understand the complex situation of Syrian asylum-seekers and refugees in Bulgaria. This understanding was facilitated by interviews with key stakeholders including state agencies, NGOs, Syrian refugees, as well as visits to immigration reception centers in Bulgaria. A short video was also produced to reproduce parts of the conducted interviews and comments gathered during the visit.

To read the complete report click here : Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria: A Double Edged Sword Report

This short documentary developed by FCJ Refugee Centre shows interview excerpts from our meetings with Bulgarian organizations as well as residents of the immigration reception centre in Sofia. This documentary is complementary to the “Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria: A Double Edged Sword”, A Report of the FCJ Refugee Centre from the visit to Bulgaria in June 2014.

Breaking The Silence: A Conversation Around Feminicide

Breaking the Silence is a documentary that shows the violence that women are continuously facing, specifically in El Salvador. FCJ Refugee Centre was happy to release this documentary as a resource to create awareness about this situation around the world. The video will be available soon.

Message from the producer of the documentary, Gerson Peña:

I think that the main message to take away from the film is, that violence against women is continuing to happen and that there needs to be more done about it.

This is not an issue of El Salvador only, this is a global issue. Many people will look at the film and call it a feminist film or ask me why I made a feminist film. I think that this goes beyond that. This isn’t about feminism, this is about human rights, the basic human right to live. We are all humans and therefore we should all be one.