Capacity Development Training

Over the years, the FCJ Refugee Centre has become a leading expert on delivering trainings/webinars on immigration and settlement issues. As many refugee claimants and other vulnerable populations are moving to areas where services for claimants are limited or don’t exist, we are increasing trainings services.

We are providing remote services in small municipalities and rural areas across Canada, and we keep supporting organizations, agencies or communities that do not have the tools serving refugee claimants or other precarious populations.

FCJ Refugee Centre’s Capacity Development Training is a new tool for agencies across Canada who need support providing services to refugees and other vulnerable populations.

FCJ Refugee Centre’s Public Education Program addresses the current need for training opportunities for various sectors, including settement organizations, community groups, students, government institutions, etc.


  • Providing remote services in small municipalities and rural areas across Canada.
  • Connect front line workers with pertinent and up-to-date resources, strategies and tools for effective service delivery.
  • Address the multiple needs of vulnerable newcomer populations experiencing multiple barriers.
  • Learn about immigration trends and settlement services.
  • Service providers will gain experience and knowledge on how to support the community.


  • Reach service providers where there is limited access to legal education and educational resources.
  • Access to crucial up to date training materials and educational resources.
  • Improve and enhance the services that precarious populations receive.
  • Increase access to justice and service delivery for precarious populations, as they will be able to receive a broader range of services and supports from local and familiar organizations.

Training length

  • Depending on the topics you requested the length can be from 2 hours to a whole day training for the whole staff of your agency.
  • The trainings can be online or in person.


  • Immigration trends & refugee policies
  • Overview of the regulations on the refugee process: timelines and eligibility
  • Refugee rights and resources
  • Refugee Hearing Orientation
  • Refugee Appeal Process: RAD
  • Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA): procedure, interview and application
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate application (H&C): establishment, hardship, stages, etc.
  • Sponsorship processes–spousal
  • Domestic violence, sponsorship breakdown and immigration processes
  • Temporary foreign worker and Migrant Workers Mobile Program
  • Work permit and student permit applications for refugee claimants online
  • Violence against women and immigration processes
  • General overview of human trafficking in Canada: stages, services, etc.
  • Immigrants and refugee youth: challenges and resources
  • Precarious migrants pathways
  • Detention for immigration issues: how to support clients

What FCJ Refugee Centre provides

  • The facilitators for each workshop
  • Resource material including recorded presentation
  • Accompaniment to service providers, and support on dealing with complex cases
  • FCJ Refugee Centre covers billet and transportation for the facilitator

How to request a training

  • Identify topics that your agency and/or community needs. If there are additional topics that are not included in this list which are of interest to your organization arrangements can be made.
  • To schedule a workshop, contact:

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