In solidarity with precarious migrants…We will still be serving people who are in urgent need.











Before the Mexico-USA border crisis, FCJ Refugee Centre is making a call to support migrants. They are facing dangerous situations fleeing their countries and looking for a safe place to live.

With the situation for asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border becoming harsher every day, we at the FCJ Refugee Centre are eager to support and collaborate with organisations working on the ground in any way that we can. While we are physically far from the border, it is in our hearts and minds constantly. We are connected closely to the people at the border through their families and friends who are here in Canada and come to our offices, through the people who have made their way to Canada from South and Central America, and through the people who will make their way here in the future.

We have become aware of a project by ACT Alliance “Humanitarian Assistance for Central American Migrants” as well as advocacy campaigns by other organisations in Canada and the US. This is a call for updates and information through writing, photographs, or videos, and ideas. What can Canada do to support the organisations working on the ground in Mexico and at the U.S.-Mexico border, in regards to humanitarian relief and immigration?

One of our concerns is about the United States considering Mexico a Safe Third Country, and highlighting the vulnerable conditions for migrants in Mexico regarding not enough shelter, sickness and inadequate medical treatment, and homelessness.

Please contact us at: cteves@fcjrefugeecentre.org

Information provided at the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website:

https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/campaigns/irregular-border-crossings-asylum/no-automatic-stay.html   (English, Creole, Spanish and Urdu)

If you need information about the refuge process in Canada or any other resource that is helpful please  navigate our website and feel free to use any resource you think might  be helpful:

Overview of the refugee process in Canada

How to fill out the Bases of Claim document

Process Chart

Navigating the Refugee System


Immigration and Refugee Protection

The Precarious Migrant Protection and Support Program allow us to offer timely and holistic case management and service provision for precarious migrant populations.

Thanks to the support of the Law Foundation’s Access to Justice Fund we are able to  continue providing assistance to vulnerable communities.

  • We welcome anyone asking for advice, counsel and support regarding immigration issues.
  • New clients are welcome to come on Mondays from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.
  • On Mondays you do not need to book appointments, it is a drop in intake day for new clients
  • or you can contact us at: 416-469-9754

This component involves inland activities related to case work at every step of the refugee or immigration determination process


The MPC is a new program that allows FCJ Refugee Centre to implement migration and support clinics at various locations across the GTA and Ontario to offset the barriers, better equip a wide range of service providers and increase access to justice to a wide base of precarious migrant populations.

Thanks to the Law Foundation of Ontario,  FCJ Refugee Centre’s staff is able to work directly with staff at partner organizations to schedule appointments, complete intakes and work on various applications associated with different migration processes.



This program is possible thanks to the support  of the Law Foundation

Helping refugee claimants within Canada with every step of the refugee determination process:

1. Refugee process Orientation
2. Legal Aid application
3. Work permit
4. BOC: filling out Basis of Claim Form
5. Refugee Hearing Preparation
6. Referral to a Lawyer
7. Support in the refugee appeal process
8. Judicial review process
9. Pre-removal Risk Assessment, PRRA

Support through other immigration processes

1. Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration Process:  Guide for H&C application           To download  the guide click here

2. Conditional Permanent Residence
3. Permanent Residence application
4. Sponsorship Applications
5. Invitation Letter
6. Family reunification orientation
7. Criminal Justice Support
8. Extension Interim Federal Health
9. Obtaining identification
10. Passport application
11. Renew Permanent Residence Card
12. Translation of Documents
13. Travel Document
14. Visa extension
15. Work permit

Information gathering in other countries

  • This area includes: information-gathering, delegations to other countries, collaborations with local NGOs. All activities are geared toward greater access and equity.

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