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The National How open are Canada’s borders? The National August 10, 2017

Refugee claim in Canada entering from the USA

Information for people considering making a refugee claim in Canada entering from the USA

Consideran una “aberración” actual política de refugiados de Canadá

  http://www.mexicomigrante.com.mx/migracion-y-fronteras/130-migracion/37809-consideran-una-aberracion-actual-politica-de-refugiados-de-canada Toronto.- Para el asesor de procesos de refugio en Canadá, Francisco Rico, es “una aberración” la negativa del actual primer ministro Stephen Harper de abrir las puertas del país a más refugiados sirios para hacer frente a la crisis en la región. “El gobierno ha dado un cambio rotundo en la política canadiense hacia
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Giving thanks for Canada: refugees on what this holiday means for them

By: Michael Robinson Staff Reporter, Published on Mon Oct 12 2015 For some refugees living in Toronto, Monday will mark their very first Canadian Thanksgiving. For others, the annual feast serves as a standing reminder of their journey to a place they now call home. The Star spoke with several refugees to learn what they
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Refugee Health Cuts

Great piece on impact of  Refugee Health Cuts

Stories from the FCJ Refugee Centre

Host Sook-Yin Lee visited the The FCJ Refugee Centre in Toronto. It’s a cozy, brick house that provides emergency shelter and assistance to refugees. All of the refugees fled their home country because of political persecution, terrorist attacks, or war. And they were eager to share their experiences.

Seeking Asylum: The Agenda

The Agenda with Steve Paikin Photos of Alan Kurdi, the drowned Syrian toddler, have shocked Canadians. Now many are wondering if it is time for Canada to do more to help the world’s displaced people. Is it time for Canada to do more? What are conditions for asylum seekers on Europe? How the Syrian crisis
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Proud to Protect Refugees Rally: Welcome Syrian Refugees

Different organizations   participated  in the Proud to Protect Refugees Rally on Thursday September 3rd The tragic death of 2 children has shocked our community, leaving sadness, anger and impotence before all the barriers that the Canadian government is imposing to Syrian refugees.         CCR Media Release For immediate release 3 September
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Opening doors: How Toronto supports needy newcomers

Nearly half of all Torontonians are immigrants. Many rely on grassroots settlement programs to help them get back on their feet after fleeing trauma. For those serving them, it’s not just a job, but a way of life and an experience they may have lived themselves. Read the complete article click here

Dance Steps for young immigrants

Dance imitates life in class aimed at helping migrant youth cope with challenges Weekly program helps at-risk young immigrants, many living here alone and undocumented, find solace and confidence. By: Nicholas Keung Immigration reporter, Published on Sun Feb 15 2015 The dance hall looks nothing like a professional studio — there are no hardwood sprung
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