Episode #70: Happy Holidays: A Message from Loly Rico

Borderless Voices
Borderless Voices
Episode #70: Happy Holidays: A Message from Loly Rico

A message from Loly Rico, Executive Director of the FCJ Refugee Centre.


Welcome to a brand new episode of the Borderless Voices podcast, presented by the FCJ Refugee Centre.

Hi, my name is Loly Rico, I’m the Executive Director of the FCJ Refugee Centre, and I would like to take this opportunity that we are close to celebrations, to our annual holidays, to say thank you to many people, especially to our board members, that have been giving direction during all this time; our staff, that have been coming every day, nine o’clock, with the biggest smile and always ready to face the challenges: How we can accommodate people coming to our door, how we can help someone to get the temporary residency, fleeing human trafficking, how we can help a woman that doesn’t have a place to stay, and we welcome them in one of our houses.

Even the Youth Network — they have been supporting us as well, helping with and working beside us in a way that we can keep our doors open.

This is an opportunity also to give a thank you to our funders, that have been trusting us in a way that we can continue with our work, but also especially to our donors, that have been coming, even friends of the FCJ Refugee Centre, with their monthly donations.

And with this opportunity we want to wish all of you happy holidays and that the next year you have a better year, where we can have a more just immigration system, and also where we can welcome more people, than we can have the possibility to house all the ones that are coming to Toronto looking for refuge.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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