From Youth to You

This toolkit was born out of a growing need for youth, and particularly newcomer and precarious migrant youth, to feel more valued and included in various services that they access in the City of Toronto.

Youth are often met with challenges when attempting to access services and participate in programs in different areas such as: settlement, education, legal, employment, recreation, and the arts, to name a few… Most noticeably, many newcomer and precarious migrant youth are met with a general lack of awareness of their plight, and a lack of sensitivity to how immigration status (or lack thereof) intersects with other present and urgent needs.

Using our own experiences over the last few years as a jumping off point, we have reached out to other newcomer youth and newcomer youth serving organizations to put together a robust toolkit about newcomer youth engagement. The objectives of this toolkit are to promote promising practices and help ensure that newcomer youth are given equitable opportunities to fully participate in Canadian society, and steer their own course through their immigration and settlement processes.

We would like to acknowledge that really understanding youth engagement is a journey, and that we have a lot to learn about this idea – and particularly how it is shaped in the current landscape of newcomer youth services in Canada. As such, we acknowledge that we are by no means experts on this topic, but feel we are well situated to get the discussion going after participating in a youth-led, youth-decided group for the past few years. We would like to think of this toolkit as an organic document, and we welcome your input and ideas.



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