Precarious status youth pursuing university degrees on 2018

FCJ Refugee centre, in partnership with York University, started the Access to Education program, which created two pathways for precarious status youth to pursue university degrees. As a result,the first group of students was accepted. Metro Morning shared one of the touching stories of the Canadian ‘dreamers’ finding home at York University
Access to Education is the first program of its kind in Canada that allow precarious status students to pursue university degrees while paying domestic fees. Over the course of nine months we created a bridging program to support youth who have been out of school for a little while to transition to university. The program, which consists of a unique and innovative course titled: Critical Approaches to Migration and Uprootedness, is housed in the sociology department. Upon successful completion of the course, students were able to apply directly to undergraduate programs at York. The other pathway involves direct admissions to York University for recent high school graduates. We have been working on the administrative changes needed, which include everything from how to enrol students, create a safe campus environment, provide specialized student supports, etc. The first bridging course was launched exactly one year ago. Ten students have been accepted by York University after the implementation of the Access to Education Program

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