Solidarity Steps for the FCJ Refugee Centre

We’re excited to announce that we’re beginning an exciting new fundraising campaign! Solidarity Steps for the FCJ Refugee Centre!

Take from us what you need, and give to each other what you can.

This is the guiding philosophy of not only the FCJ Refugee Centre, but is at the very core of our common humanity.

In recent months, we have seen an enormous shift in the ways in which we interact, live our daily lives, and see the world around us.

We have seen the turmoil that can be brought out in people when they are forced into situations of fear and vulnerability – circumstances so many of us who grew up in Canada with so many privileges have never had to face.

But we’ve also seen the generosity of the spirit of our community.

Our mandate is to support all uprooted people, and to keep our door open to the community. From our homes to yours, we stand with you in solidarity. Our door is open today as it will be tomorrow.

Please check out our page, and stay tuned for more updates, weekly calls to action, how you can stay engaged, and more information about our upcoming walk-a-thon!

Stay safe, stay well, and stay kind.

In solidarity,
The FCJ Refugee Centre Community

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