Join our Uprooted U online

We are very excited to launching our new Uprooted U program on Fridays at 2:00 pm leading by Tyler Correia.

Classes are held online via Zoom, every Friday at 2 o’clock beginning this Friday October 16th, 2020!

For more information visit the FCJ Refugee Centre Website or contact

Tyler Correia is a PhD candidate completing his dissertation at York University’s Social and Political Thought program. His research focuses on the theoretical and philosophical advancements and implications of migration in cities, and how city-based actors respond.

Currently, he’s working through the idea of the ‘open city’ to characterize new city-based politics grounded on the unconditional welcome of migrants drawn in part from sanctuary activism and policy, as well as urban political struggles globally – the sans papier movement in France, solidarity cities, migrant rights networks the world over.

Tyler has taught classes in many settings. Beginning early, he led program activities for YMCA youth programs in his hometown, London Ontario.

As a teaching assistant at York, Tyler has taught a wide array of classes within the social sciences on topics as diverse as ethics; business and society; globalization/differential globalization and social exclusion in a global context; sociological methods, foundations and philosophy East and West; colonialism, race and gender; labour and economic structures; political philosophy, order, and the state.

At the elementary and high school levels, Tyler has taught accredited classes in English and literature (grade 10 university-prep), as well as public speaking and rhetoric (grade 8 after school elective).




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