The Importance of Vaccination and Boosters: Podcast Series

The Vaccine Engagement Team (VET) of the FCJ Refugee Centre is sharing a series of informative podcasts regarding COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us worldwide. However, not all of us are in equal conditions when facing the ravages of this pandemic.

For this reason, since March 2021, our organization has taken on the task of walking with the most uprooted by providing education, preparation and prevention to the most vulnerable community in Toronto.

From the organization of vaccination campaigns for people without OHIP to the efforts and advocacy with the local Government to not leave behind the immigrant and refugee communities that do not have OHIP, or going through the boosters and each dose of vaccination, the issuance of QR codes and all the waves of variants, FCJ and the Vaccine Engagement Team have been there.

The pandemic is not over, so we must continue to inform ourselves on a sustainable and reliable basis.

In partnership with the City of Toronto and Toronto Public Health, we are producing informative podcasts where you can be informed and listen to us from the comfort of your home, at your work, when commuting, wherever you are and with availability of different languages, through our podcast Borderless Voices.

Listen to the first episode by clicking on the images:

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