Anti-human trafficking roundtables: Oct 28-29

The Roundtables series carried out over several months to facilitate the dialogue between multi-sector stakeholders to address the issue of human trafficking in the City of Toronto. The series will begin with an extended roundtable conference that will bring together multi-sector stakeholders to initiate dialogue and begin to develop protocols and promising practices to offer services and protection tailored to the needs of trafficked persons. The initial roundtable will be followed by two subsequent meetings, to work through longer-term goals, new developments and unforeseen challenges.


  • Establish and foster relations between multi-sector stakeholders;
  • Develop model for response and collect promising practices in delivering services and protection to trafficked persons corresponding to the particularities of Toronto area;
  • Initiate policy development on city and provincial level.

 Roundtable One

Day one
Series of panel presentations by multi-sector stakeholders who dedicate their work to counter human trafficking followed by a discussion.

Day two
Working group discussions to initiate a dialogue on policy development and set the stage for the following meetings to work through longer-term goals, new developments and unforeseen challenges.

SPACES ARE LIMITED! Register by sending email at with your name indicating if attending both days.
If attending only one day please SPECIFY WHICH DAY (for catering purposes).

Payment method:
CREDIT CARD go to Eventbrite ($10+$1.59 on line fee):
CASH or CHECK pay at the door

Lunch will be provided
(Subsidies are available for people who cannot pay the registration fee.)

For more information contact:
Varka Kalaydzhieva at 416-469-9754,ext.222 or


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