Human Trafficking is Still Happening in Canada

Human Trafficking Awareness Day
(February 22nd, 2021)

The Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network – TCHTN calls for awareness among all Canadians to recognize Human Trafficking as a growing concern across Canada.

Despite the pandemic, human trafficking continues to take advantage of systemic issues such as poverty, inequity, and legislation focused on prosecuting criminals, as opposed to empowering communities and supporting survivors. In fact, the pandemic has only highlighted the blatant social inequalities that allow human trafficking to continue.

Being united in combatting human trafficking, addressing systemic inequities, and knowing the warning signs are all important in its prevention. Collaboration and communication are essential in addressing this crime against humanity, labour and human rights.

We need to intensify our counter-trafficking collaboration and enhance communication among governmental and non-governmental agencies, to condemn all forms of human trafficking and slavery and provide support to those affected.

The TCHTN encourages Canadians to listen to victims and survivors of human trafficking and to raise awareness of the magnitude of this modern slavery and labour exploitation happening here in Canada and abroad.

We encourage local and national media to echo TCHTN’s call to promote voices, initiatives and efforts against human trafficking here in Toronto/the GTA, as well as across Canada.

Fighting against human trafficking is a commitment that inspires the Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network every day to embrace principles of human rights, equity, anti-oppression frameworks and social justice.

Join the movement with us:

For those looking to know more about the TCHTN or to contact a representative from those organizations above, please do not hesitate to send a message to Toronto Counter Human Trafficking Network – TCHTN coordinator, Luis Alberto Mata, or call him. He’ll get back to you asap:

  • Email: Lmata @
  • Tel: (416) 469-9754 ext. 242

Employment Opportunity at FCJ Refugee Centre

Anti-Human Trafficking Youth Worker

The Youth Worker will support in the development and implementation of the Youth Alliance against Human Trafficking, a program which provides holistic support to young people from conditions of human trafficking, labour exploitation and sex trafficking. The project also established preventative measures by providing comprehensive access to information to equip vulnerable young people with the information they need to make informed decisions, mitigate the risks that they face, and advocate for their rights.

Join us and be part of an exceptional team.

For more details about this job position click here:

Full Immigration Status for All: Digital Rally on June 14

Call from the FCJ Anti-Human Trafficking Migrant Workers Mobile Program – Migrant Rights Network:

5 migrant farmworkers have been hospitalized with COVID-19. Hundreds of others are sick from Windsor, ON, to Kelowna, BC, to Brooks, AB. Migrant care workers remain trapped by employers who refuse to let them leave even to send remittances to families in need.

Today is the third rent day for many hundreds of thousands of families who haven’t had income since March. Across the country, we are fundraising to distribute cash and food, but it’s just not enough. Federal income support remains out of reach, particularly for undocumented people. Even in a pandemic, healthcare is not available in most provinces for uninsured migrants.

COVID-19 has worsened what has been a grave injustice for decades: the inequalities that migrants face are rooted in an immigration system that keeps us temporary and undocumented. This can not continue. On June 14th, we will launch our campaign for full immigration status for nearly 2 million people in the country without permanent resident status. We insist on landed immigration status for all low-waged migrants that arrive in the future.

Join a massive digital and social media gathering of migrants, poor and working class people, and allies. Together, migrants from across Canada will raise our voice for healthcare, decent work, family unity and equal rights for all.

We need you. We need you to join, we need you to mobilize, we need you to organize: RSVP for June 14th!

For the last month, in addition to immediate crisis response, we have been bringing together migrant and undocumented people and allies in almost every province. Thousands of migrants have participated in meetings to talk about the challenges we are facing, and the solutions we need. Today, we launch our plan.

On June 14th, join 46 migrant-led organizations and supporters as we launch our joint call for full immigration status for all. We are essential. We are exploited. We are excluded. We are enraged. We are engaged. We are mobilizing.

In this moment of crisis, we have seen at every turn that the fundamental injustice is lack of full immigration status. It is the absence of valid Social Insurance Numbers that has shut people out of income support. It is tied work permits that have made it impossible for many to leave unsafe work. It is exorbitant tuition fees tied to study permits that push migrant students into bad jobs and despair. It is the fear of detention and deportation that force migrant and undocumented people away from accessing basic needs.

Full immigration status for all is an absolute necessity. Join us now, join us on June 14, help us build the broadest possible movement in defence of all. Start by RSVPing here.

Anti-Human Trafficking Work Challenges during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Finding Housing for Human Trafficking Victims

You are invited to register for this informative webinar Anti-Human Trafficking Work Challenges during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Finding Housing for Human Trafficking Victims.

For registration follow the link:


Please register for Anti-Human Trafficking Work Challenges during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Finding Housing for Human Trafficking Victims on Jun 4, 2020 3:30 PM EDT at:


Anti-Human Trafficking online forum

Celebrating Courage, Renewing Commitment

This forum provided in-depth knowledge and innovative approaches on how to maintain anti-human trafficking efforts and provide services to survivors during the COVID-19 pandemic.
It explored innovative ways of partnership collaboration during the pandemic. Recognize and understand how to navigate the system given the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also it brought awareness on policy gaps & limitations aggravated during the pandemic increasing the vulnerability of victims and survivors of human trafficking.


Shelley Gilbert, Legal assistance Windsor– LAW, WEFight Windsor Human Trafficking Resource

Rhonelle Bruder, advocate member of the TCHTN

Melody Brown, community member of the Native Women’s Resource Centre.

Nadine Edwards, community member of the Native Women’s Resource Centre

Melissa Compton, indigenous advocate against human trafficking

The speakers did excellent presentations.



International Migrant Trafficking Forum

Join the Legal Assistance of Windsor and FCJ Refugee Centre as we present a forum on the ongoing exploitation and trafficking of international migrants in Windsor . The more we arm ourselves with the critical knowledge of exploitation that is rife in our community, the better we can do to work towards a brighter future for all. This day will be complete with panel experts, network resources, and activities. Let’s break the chains of human trafficking together.

To register click here:

Workshop: Migrants’ Right to Heath & Well-Being

Migrants are often vulnerable to abuse by their employers and are afraid to speak up or form unions due to their precarious immigration status. Undocumented migrants, in particular, are reluctant to access essential services such as public health, education, and shelters due to fear of detention and deportation, exacerbating their vulnerability and isolation from the rest of society.

Migrants Resource Centre Canada (MRCC) invites you to a workshop:

FREE Volunteer Training Workshop
Saturday, October 26, 2019
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
MRCC Office: 2482 Dufferin Street, Unit 207, Toronto

This workshop will focus on healthcare as a fundamental human right that should be accessible by all, irrespective of their immigration status, and the City of Toronto’s designation as a Sanctuary City and what it means for migrants living in Toronto.

Lunchand snacks will be provided.

  • For more info or to register: 1-866-275-4046,
  • Online registration:
  • Facebook event page:



We had an excellent participation at the forum and we are looking forward for the next one.


  1. Provide participants with in-depth knowledge on innovative approaches to address the wide spectrum of experiences in situations of exploitation/human trafficking.
  2. Discuss remedies available outside the criminal justice system for survivors of exploitation.
  3. Explore promising community outreach initiatives targeting at-risk or exploited persons
  4. Provide opportunity for networking and information exchange




New Project: Migrant Workers Welcome Centre

The FCJ Refugee Centre was one of the few organizations in Ontario who received  three year funding from the MCSS to continue working with exploited or at risk migrant workers.

Currently, there is a lack of services, settlement and/or legal available to migrant workers who are exploited or at risk. To respond to this, the FCJ Refugee Centre received financial support to set up a Migrant Workers Welcome Centre, with three main goals: 1) to prevent instances of labour exploitation by informing migrant workers about labour and immigration laws, policies and available community supports; 2) to identify at-risk or potential labour exploitation cases with the support of peers, and offer holistic case management support services; 3) to collect information about the extent of labour exploitation as well as the complex experiences of migrant workers exploited within the spectrum.

Most specifically this project aims to outline the spectrum within which migrant workers are exploited, and the complexities of their unique needs and support which will reflect future policy development.

The initiatives proposed through this project will address multiple needs and gaps, including:

  • Case management: we will offer a wide range of in-house services, including immigration support and legal information; working with partner organizations to respond to the multifaceted needs of this population.
  • Accessible services: Although some activities will be based out of the FCJ Refugee Centre, services will be carried out mainly at sites across the GTA during flexible hours (evenings and/or weekend) and in areas with high concentrations of migrant workers.
  • Prevention: The Migrant Centre will offer a safe space for migrant workers to share their experiences in a non-judgmental and supportive environment while providing information (immigration laws, procedures, available resources, etc.). Sharing of information and tools will prevent situations of exploitation/trafficking and assist those already experiencing exploitation.
  • Policy Improvements: By collecting information about the instances of exploitation of migrant workers, we can inform and influence policy improvement.


Human trafficking survivors led initiative

As part of the 2016 Victims and Survivors of Crime Week “The Power of Our Voices”, FCJ Refugee Centre in partnership with East Metro Youth Services embarked on a project to provide a safe space for survivors of human trafficking to voice their opinion on services and protection available and a lack thereof. The initiative was funded by the Department of Justice Canada. Such project was long overdue as survivors are left out of the conversations and decision-making pertaining to accessing services and solutions to combat trafficking in persons. The ultimate goal of the project is to lay the foundation of survivor led and designed toolkit for service providers outlining promising practices and accurate support.

To read the Summary click here


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