Migrant Women’s Counter Human Trafficking Alliance 2022 Workshops

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The Migrant Women’s Counter Human Trafficking Alliance continues organizing our bi-weekly meetings. The sessions are open to all newcomer migrant women!

The goal for members is to engage in community building and social connection. Sessions will provide a safe space and tight knit community for all migrant women. This will allow the opportunity to form friendships, encourage healing, build awareness and promote resilience.

The sessions include an introduction workshop on Meditative Art.

Please note that registrations will be limited to ensure that the group will remain to be a closed and safe space for all its members.

Future workshops will be announced shortly.

Please contact Isabella Eldeib at (416) 469 9754 ext.222 or isabella.eldeib@fcjrefugeecentre.org with any questions.


To register please select which group you prefer to join either: MORNING (Monday’s at 10:30 am) or AFTERNOON (Tuesday’s at 4:00 pm).